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Linkage’s own Diversity Executive cover girl

January 22, 2013

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Deborah Dagit recently retired from her role as Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion for Merck, but she’s hardly slowing down. These days she heads up her own consulting firm, she’s a master facilitator at Linkage’s Institute for Leading Diversity & Inclusion, and was recently the subject of a glowing cover story in Diversity Executive magazine.

“Just more than a decade ago, a large Fortune 100 firm flew Deborah Dagit first-class from her home in Silicon Valley to its East Coast headquarters,” writes Diversity Executive’s Jeffrey Cattel in his profile of Dagit titled A Prescription for Sustainable Diversity.

“As one of the pioneers in the emerging field of diversity, Dagit had already managed to accumulate 10 years of experience as leader of diversity at IT companies in California, and she seemed like the perfect candidate for the company’s CDO job. “The company put her up in a five-star hotel and sent a limousine. However, when she arrived at the headquarters, the company canceled all of her interviews. Despite her extensive diversity experience, she was only offered a behind-the-scenes position where she would conduct much of the diversity-related work, while another employee would be the face of diversity at the company. “Dagit is visibly a person with a disability.”

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At Linkage, we believe that diversity and inclusion work is as much an art as it is a science. Creating a workforce that represents global communities and ensures an environment where every individual’s contributions are valued is much like creating a masterpiece. Learn more about our Institute for Leading Diversity and Inclusion at

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