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Lessons from the LA Lakers Lack of Leadership

February 22, 2013

Glenn Llopis, featured presenter in Linkage’s Thought Leader Series recently used the LA Lakers dismal record to show the damage that bad leadership can cause.

“The Los Angeles Lakers…provide one of the most unique leadership case studies in recent professional sports history,” he writes on forbes.com.

“Touted as a pre-season favorite to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals after acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the off-season, the Lakers have embarrassed themselves and their fans by displaying poor leadership, resulting in a record of 19-25 (winning percentage of .432).

Whether you are a Lakers fan or not, observe their recent catastrophic collapse and you will see lessons in leadership, team management, and how the best laid plans can backfire.”
Read the full article here.

Click here to learn more about Glenn’s upcoming broadcast with us, where he will be discussing the importance of personal branding and making your voice heard.

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