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Learn from Paul Sullivan the secrets of top performers who excel under pressure

October 21, 2011
Author, Paul Sullivan

When asked, are you clutch? Author Paul Sullivan answers: “Yes and no. (…) I’ve been clutch in my personal and professional life, and these have been the areas that have mattered most. But not in golf. What I learned, alas, was that since being clutch isn’t a mystical ability that can be bestowed on somebody, it takes work. But at least for me I know what to do now.”

Up next on the Penguin’s Business View, author Paul Sullivan explains what it means to be Clutch, and how you too can thrive in high pressure situations.


Paul Sullivan will present live via satellite and the web as part of the Linkage Thought Leader Series on December 8, 2011. Visit us online for more information and pricing and participation options.


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