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Free Webinar | Mitigating Bias in the Workplace: See It, Call It, Challenge It

February 27, 2019 Kristen Howe

At Linkage, we’re passionate about delivering fresh insights and new ways of thinking to leaders across the globe, which is why I am excited to share our latest webinar: Mitigating Bias in the Workplace: See It, Call It, Challenge It coming up on March 28, 12pm ET.

Despite a focus on diversity and inclusion training, organizations are still struggling to create work environments where differences are truly valued, normalized, and even leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

What will it take to truly move the needle?

Join diversity expert and author Trudy Bourgeois to build the foundation you need to:

  • Move beyond superficial, politically correct “check-the-box” exercises
  • Dig deeper into the intersectionality of bias, race, and gender
  • Engage in courageous conversations that will allow you to touch on the truth
  • Develop daily practices that enable you to interact differently with bias


When our hearts and minds are open, we can not only achieve a breakthrough–we can transform the workplace.

Trudy Bourgeois
Trudy Bourgeois

About Trudy Bourgeois, Presenter

With more than 35 years of experience performing and transforming companies into high-performance organizations, Trudy Bourgeois was one of the first African American women rise to the level of VP in the consumer goods industry.

A renowned and respected authority on leadership development, change management and diversity, Trudy is a bestselling author of four leadership books, and a speaker and trusted advisor to C-suite executives.

A featured blogger for The Huffington Post, Trudy has earned a reputation as a respected truth-teller who combines candor with humor to foster courageous conversations necessary for change to take place.

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