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Leadership is a journey from execution to empowerment | 10 truths from #LinkageWIL

December 1, 2017 Kerry Seitz

What an incredible week! 800 leaders from around the world convened for our Women in Leadership Institute in Dallas, TX for a journey of growth and discovery. From keynote faculty presentations and competency-based learning sessions to small-team discussions and wellness sessions, this year’s attendees were challenged and inspired like never before.

Together, we explored the six leadership competencies core to the advancement of women leaders worldwide—and the seven hurdles that we face as we climb the leadership ranks. We were inspired to think in new and different ways about how we show up—in leadership and in life—and were surrounded by a remarkable group of leaders dedicated to creating greater impact on their teams, organizations and communities. Click here for a summary of some of the highlights.

There were countless moments that left us inspired, but we’ve boiled it down to 10 that serve as reminders of where we’ve been on this journey and the possibilities that lie ahead.

  1. Leadership is a journey from execution to empowerment. Give up the role of executing—you can’t get to second base when your foot is still on first base. Read Wall Street veteran Carla Harris’ blog post on inspiration.
  2. Live in a place of curiosity without judgement. Start by asking really great questions to help others solve problems and explore new possibilities. WIL faculty member Susie Kelleher explains in her blog post.
  3. When you are at base camp, you can’t see the summit. On your personal leadership journey, define incremental success and celebrate along the way. Use this roadmap to guide your thinking and develop a go-forward plan.
  4. Don’t put it off. Ask for what you want. According to WIL co-chair, Susan MacKenty Brady, having a compelling vision for who you want to be as a leader will help you stay focused when asking for what you want.
  5. What’s even more important than how we’re different is how we’re the same. Diverse perspectives can drive innovation and have a positive impact on your team. WIL faculty member Karen Cvitkovich explains.
  6. Purpose drives inspiration. Communicating a vision and creating an inspirational picture of the future starts with uncovering our purpose. Use these reflection questions to guide you.
  7. Healthy habits matter. Developing healthy habits will enhance your leadership abilities and help you excel in your role. Check out WIL faculty member Tara Swart’s “5 Brain Health Habits for Better Leadership.”
  8. When we think about how we connect with others, we have a greater impact. Facilitators from Second City challenged us to think differently about how we connect with others. It’s about connection, curiosity and clarity.
  9. Gender equity is a competitive advantage. Businesses perform better financially when women are better represented in management and on corporate boards. Mandel Communications’ Beth Boone shares more.
  10. Organizations that advance women do two things. They take active steps to improve the environment for underrepresented groups, and they provide women with opportunities. WIL faculty member Jill Ihsanullah explains.

Check out leadership insights and quotes from our outstanding faculty and memorable moments from our participants on Twitter using the hashtag #LinkageWIL (or on Facebook and LinkedIn).

Which moment resonated most with you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and mark your calendars for 2018. Join us November 12–15 in Phoenix, AZ for your own journey of self-discovery and growth. I hope to see you there!

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