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The Very Best of #LinkageWIL | Day 3

November 15, 2018 Jennifer McCollum

During Day 3 of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute, we unpacked an incredible amount of meaningful and game-changing information.

If you haven’t checked out the conversation on social media, now is the time to do so! Many of our attendees have shared what has inspired them at #LinkageWIL, and we are touched by their stories. Find us on Twitter or Instagram for an insider’s look.  

We’ve collected some of our favorite takeaways from Day 3 below. Take a peek–and if you spot something you like, be sure to share it with colleagues or friends.

And in case you missed out, we’ve got coverage from Day 1 and Day 2.

Keynote: Sandy Asch on Being Bold

Sandy Asch took the main stage to deliver a message about resilience. She encouraged all of us to discover and embody our inner lioness—our bold confidence. Sandy’s book, Roar with Purpose and Passion is the guiding principal at the San Diego Zoo. Sandy shared her perspective on how resilience is critical in today’s volatile work environments and how discovering and empowering our inner courage is imperative to advancement.
What we learned:
  • Changing the business world doesn’t require that women become more like men.
  • Do not discount yourself. Your fear of not being valued could someday cost you relationships.
  • To be Bold and influence change there are four skills you must master: 1. You must Velcro to your purpose. 2. Be radically transparent. 3. Respond, don’t react. 4. Embrace your fears and failures.
  • When you react, rather than respond it can damage relationships, lead to poor decisions and even cost you business.
  • Staying calm under pressure is a predictor of your success.
  • Velcro to your purpose—when you’re disconnected to your purpose, you disengage, you lose focus and you start to feel unfulfilled.

Competency-Based Learning: Healthy Leadership – Cultivating Well-Being for Successful Leadership

When it comes to mastering the seven hurdles to advancement, we must first start with our own well-being. In this session, we explored how our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being has a very real effect on how we lead.

We looked at ourselves honestly and gently and begin to identify ways we can be more mindful and aware of what we need in order to thrive.

What we learned:

  • If we commit to meditation and mindfulness more regularly, we will become more impactful leaders. Why? It helps our confidence, energy levels, and overall contentedness.
  • #LinkageWIL attendees shared how they take care of their spiritual health, which included journaling, shutting off the news when it becomes too much, using apps like “Calm,” and tuning into Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.
  • A helpful exercise for when we are feeling anxious: Stand with your feet flat on the ground. Breathe in and out and raise your arms into the air each time you inhale. Repeat until you feel centered.
  • One attendee shared how she stays mindful: She meditates for 5 minutes, makes a point to show an act of kindness, and thinks of one thing she is thankful for–every day.

Keynote: Molly Fletcher on Being Connected

Dubbed “The Female Jerry McGuire”, former sports agent Molly Fletcher shared her story of success as a powerful women leader in a male-dominated, super competitive field – the world of professional sports. In her keynote, she focused on the importance of staying Connected. Molly reminded us why we all need to embrace the opportunity to lean into change. We need to ask the tough questions, because those are the moments that we can connect. She challenged us to worry less about time and worry more about where we focus our energy and how we show up. 

What we learned: 

  • The ability to connect is imperative to win. 
  • To stay connected, we need to discover and identify the gaps inside of ourselves, but also the gaps inside the lives of the people that we serve – and the people that we lead. 
  • Who we choose to give our energy to is incredibly important to us as women. 
  • Our ability to stay relational and not get too transactional is imperative to stay connected. 
  • Take life on the rise. Show up, connect and serve the people that we lead and the people that we serve and we will do some amazing things. 

 Competency-Based Learning: Can I do this? ROAR with Resilience 

After experiencing Sandy Asch’s keynote presentation this morning, we had a lot to unpack. During this Competency-Based Learning Session, we explored our own sense of resiliency and discussed the ways we can increase that resiliency in truly meaningful ways. 

What we learned:  

  • We must generate creative ideas and deep insights to spark growth. For example, set boundaries by learning to say “no” more. Embrace your fears and manage your thoughts before you respond. Be present in the moment.  
  • Physical resilience is important too! One attendee said her goal is to focus on this type of resilience so that she doesn’t fall asleep during movie night with her kids.  
  • Consider this question: What will you adapt, adopt, and archive? For example, you can adapt some of the ideas you gained this week at WIL, adopt a brand new idea, or archive an idea you’d like to tackle at a later date. 

Panel: Executive Impact Award 

Linkage CEO, Jennifer McCollum took the stage at #LinkageWIL this afternoon to introduce and acknowledge our 2018 Executive Impact Award Winners. 

Wall Street Veteran and Co-Chair of #LinkageWIL, Carla Harris moderated the conversation on stage with all four winners. These incredible women leaders shared their insights on who inspires them, what being an authentic leader means, why proving our value is such a challenge and advice for future leaders. They were candid and forthcoming—sharing stories from their childhood, family and the professional experiences that have helped shape who they are today. 

Each one of these outstanding women leaders have encouraged and inspired women within their organizations – and in their communities. They each exemplify what it means to be a purposeful leader. 

 Our heartfelt congratulations to the 2018 award recipients:

  • Maureen MacInnis, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer and Communications, Dentsply Sirona 
  • Millie Marshall, President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI), Toyota 
  • Christina Hause, Chief Sales Officer & VP Marketing, Sales & Business Development for Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid Markets, Kaiser Permanente 
  • Ella Kazerooni, Professor of Radiology, Professor of Internal Medicine, Associate Chair for Clinical Affairs, Director Cardiothoracic Radiology, Service Chief Diagnostic Radiology, UMich – Michigan Medicine 

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