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Key Takeaways from On-Demand Master Classes at the Virtual Women in Leadership Institute | On-Demand Passes on Sale Now!

November 19, 2020 Kristen Howe

Last week, we were joined by 1,400+ women leaders for the first-ever 100% Virtual Women in Leadership Institute™. It was an amazing four days of leadership development for women, filled with collaboration, fresh ideas, networking, impactful keynotes—and a true sense of community.

One of the huge perks of this year’s virtual Institute is that each of the women leaders who attended the conference via a Keynotes PLUS or All-Access pass retains access to all of the incredible content and recordings from the conference for up to 30 days.

Check out some key takeaways from two of the Master Classes that are currently available on-demand for women who attended the virtual Institute.

And, if you didn’t get a chance to attend the live Women in Leadership Institute and want to experience the Building Personal Brand & Presence Master Class for yourself, you can secure a special On-Demand pass on our website. Act fast—these are only available for a short time!

Let’s dive into some of what we learned at two of the Master Classes:

Master Class: Building Personal Brand & Presence

That women do not advocate for themselves in the workplace is simply a myth. For example, according to the Harvard Business Review, women ask for a raise just as much as men, but men are more likely to be successful in getting them. There are many systemic reasons why this is happening that must be addressed at the organizational level. But, when women leaders are empowered to own their talents and superpowers in a way that showcases their true value, their contributions can be more easily recognized—and rewarded.

All leaders need to inspire followership, and the Bold competency is focused on how we “show up” at work as women leaders. Do we take on high-profile work? Do we speak assertively? Are we willing to take calculated risks?

During this Master Class, we explored the Bold competency and its related hurdle to advancement in the workplace—Branding and Presence. We focused on expanding our comfort zones of communication, including voice, body, language and message. Together, we practiced the behavioral signs of “Leadership Presence” and learned how to paint a memorable picture for audiences through communication and gravitas.

What We Learned:

  • Successful leaders take ownership of how they are perceived.
  • Bold leaders develop a personal brand that is authentic, powerful, and highlights the value they want to offer to the world.
  • Successful leaders communicate strategic messages with a confident, relatable presence that fosters trust and brings out the best in others.


Master Class: Unlocking Mind-Body Connection

This year has been a roller coaster for all of us—but women leaders are especially feeling the impact of increased stress and burnout. In fact, according to a study by Lean In, women are shouldering a much heavier burden of household labor and caregiving during COVID-19, and it’s taking a toll—they’re experiencing physical symptoms of stress and burnout at up to twice the rate of men. Black women and other women of color are being especially impacted by this crisis and the accompanying stress.

When it comes to mastering the hurdles to advancement in the workplace, we must start with our own well-being. This is even more critical as women strive to live and lead during a time of even higher expectations, greater burdens and huge stress.

This Mind-Body Presence session taught us the power of aligning the mind and the body to expand our capacity for presence, centering, and self-awareness as a leader. Together, we learned the powerful nature of the mind-body connection and experienced meditations and guided visualizations that allowed us to feel into the strength of this connection and cultivate greater clarity in our lives.

What We Learned:

  • Our thoughts have a powerful influence on our body, and when we think shame-based thoughts, such as impostor syndrome, instead of peaceful thoughts, it has an impact on our health.
  • We arrive at true clarity through the process of going inward.
  • Through future self-visualization, we can connect to our deepest values, dreams and longings.
  • We can strengthen our mind-body connection through repetitive use of the practices introduced in the master class.


Linkage’s Virtual Women in Leadership Institute is now offering On-Demand passes, giving you access to the recorded conference from November 16, 2020–January 29, 2021.

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Women in Leadership Institute

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