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How to Lead Without Being There by Thomas Kolditz

May 14, 2012
On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, General Thomas A. Kolditz, author of In Extremis Leadership: Leading As if Your Life Depended on It will present a 60-minute leadership broadcast followed by a live 30-minute Q&A session as a part of our Thought Leader Series. In March, General Kolditz, who served for two years as a leadership and human resources policy analyst in the Pentagon, was published on Inc. com. His article, How to Lead Without Being There, studies the anatomy of intent statements (which, in his own words, guide behavior in more practical ways than vision statements do.)
“Growth-oriented leaders make their intent clear and then let the team on the ground make the decisions. Here’s how that can work at your company. At some point, every entrepreneur faces a moment of truth: Your company can’t grow if you insist on being present at every important encounter and the “decider” on every decision. Until members of your team can seize opportunities on their own, you will be a drag on your own growth.” To read the full article, click here>>

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