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Having developed the best of the best, Admiral Eric Olson addresses leading highly effective teams

July 30, 2012


A new feature in the New York Times discusses the recent trend of retired military generals and other high-ranking officers being offered positions at elite schools. The list of new professors includes General Stanley McChrystal teaching at Yale, Admiral Eric T. Olson at Columbia, and Admiral Mike Mullen at Princeton, to name a few. Read full story>>

On October 10, 2012, it will be our honor to welcome Admiral Eric Olson, who will join the ranks of the great thought leaders, CEOs, political and military leaders, who for the past fifteen years have reached out to organizations worldwide with key leadership messages via the Linkage Thought Leader Series. Although Admiral Eric Olson’s vignettes are drawn mostly from his extensive military experiences, the lessons and their applications are universal. Admiral Eric Olson will present on Team Building and Leadership in the 21st Century.

To learn about his greatest accomplishments, watch this short video:  httpv://vimeo.com/39708128

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