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Get ready for today’s GILD keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche

October 7, 2015

Jeremy Gutsche, one of today’s Global Institute for Leadership Development keynote speakers asks a very simple question: Do you have a typewriter strategy in a computer-dominated world?

If you’re attending GILD in Palm Desert, California, this week, you’ll have a chance to learn in person how to drive growth through innovation during Jeremy’s keynote later today.

But if you can’t be there this year, the video clip below provides a little taste of what you’re missing. And, spoiler alert, he tells the story of Smith-Corona, the one-time typewriter giant that wasn’t able to adequately adjust to a changing marketplace. And it doesn’t have a happy ending.

If you couldn’t make it to GILD this year, check out our Twitter feed for regular updates from the event.

Most organizations have to change or die at some point. How does your organization handle changing market needs? Slease share your thoughts with us below.


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