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Geena Davis and Amy Cuddy join Women in Leadership Institute faculty

October 18, 2013

By Shannon Bayer

The keynote faculty for our Women in Leadership Institute has just been announced and I am thrilled to see that Geena Davis and social psychologist Amy Cuddy will be joining the distinguished faculty this year.

Academy award-winning actress Geena Davis and social psychologist Amy Cuddy.

You may hear the name Geena Davis and immediately think of her roles in “Thelma and Louise” or “A League of Their Own,” but Ms. Davis is also the founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. The Institute is at the forefront of changing female portrayals and gender stereotypes in children’s media and entertainment by educating about the need for gender balance, reducing stereotyping, and creating a wide variety of female characters for entertaining children. We know how important it is to provide positive role models for young girls and Ms. Davis has been championing that cause since 2004.

When it comes to learning how to empower yourself through body language, Amy Cuddy is the expert. If you are not one of the nearly eight million people who have watched Dr. Cuddy’s TED Talk, How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, be sure to check it out. Dr. Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, where she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people from the classroom to the boardroom. Her work on “power posing“―how your body position influences others and even your own brain―is fascinating and a key tool to helping us all find our inner confidence and learn how to “fake it until you become it.”

Click here for more information on these or other faculty members attending this year’s Women in Leadership Institute.

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Women in Leadership Institute

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