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Free Webinar Recording: Use D&I strategy to grow your business

February 4, 2013

Having a clear diversity and inclusion strategy is more than just politically correct—it’s good for business. But you must have a firm grasp of business concepts and your organization’s business needs to leverage D&I strategy to improve your organization’s bottom line.

In the video below, participants will learn how to:

• Understand and apply broad business concepts when developing and implementing an organizational D&I strategy
• Appreciate the importance of business acumen in moving diversity and inclusion beyond representation
• Make an impact on your organization’s top-line, bottom-line, and pipeline in tangible, measurable ways


Or if you would like to download the webinar recording, please click here.

About your host

Craig Clayton

Linkage partner Craig B. Clayton Sr. is a highly experienced diversity and inclusion strategist and speaker. He is also the Director and Diversity Strategist with the University of Houston’s International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management.

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