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Free webinar–A How-to Guide: Creating Your Leadership Agenda

June 12, 2012
August 10, 2012
1pm EST

In his research on effective leaders, John Kotter found that one of the things that successful leaders did during their first six months on the job was to create an informal list of the things that they wanted to accomplish. He called this list an Agenda.

Simply put, a leadership agenda answers the basic question, “Where do I want (and/or need) to lead people?”

In this free webinar, Linkage’s Roger Young will share a process and set of tools designed to help you build a strategic, aligned, and balanced leadership agenda and vision.


About Roger:

Roger Young

Roger Young has served as a leadership and organizational development consultant, master facilitator, and executive coach for more than 15 years. During this time, he has partnered with several Fortune 500 organizations on a variety of talent management and organizational issues

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