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Exploring Racial Secrets with Michele Norris

December 6, 2012

Michele Norris, a former Linkage keynote faculty member, was recently featured in an MSN news article about her latest project, The Race Card. What started off as a small assignment asking people to express their thoughts on race in just six words, has turned into over 12,000 postcards that have become “almost a parallel career for Michele”.  She has cataloged these submissions at and people continue to send six word feedback submissions via Facebook, Twitter or directly to the website, according to the MSN article.

“I thought I knew a lot about race,” said Norris. “I realized how little I know through this project.”

According to the article, “Many cannot resist accompanying their Race Cards with explanations, stories, and personal experiences. Norris, in turn, feels compelled to contact them, listen to their stories, and archive this new conversation about race. The discussion is inseparable from this moment, when the page of America’s racial history is in mid-turn. Part of Norris’ inspiration came from a series of NPR interviews on race during Barack Obama’s ascent. His reelection has re-energized Norris’ multiracial community of six-word poets.”

Her project has unleashed a force to allow people to openly and candidly discuss race and express their feelings on the topic.

“These six words are just the beginning of fascinating stories,” said Norris. “It’s the most interesting and rewarding work I’ve ever done as a journalist.”

To read the full MSN article and hear more about Norris’ reticence from her own family, click here>>


About Michele Norris

Michele Norris


Michele Norris is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show All Things Considered on National Public Radio. She has received multiple awards for her journalistic excellence in focusing on American culture, race, and the influence of media.


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