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Executive Coaching: What is it?

October 17, 2011

If you have read about our Global Institute for Leadership Development, you know that one-on-one coaching is an integral part of the experience. But what is coaching and why is it so important?

One of the most important things to realize about coaching is that the coach is not there simply to look for ways to change a leader.  Sometimes the most successful coaching sessions are about finding a leader’s strengths and discussing how to use those existing strengths to better do their job. Coaches do not walk into a session with a steadfast plan.  Their goal is to listen to and work with an individual so that at the end of the session, they have had an impact in a way that the coachee describes as valuable.

“A coaching session is about a coach supporting a coachee to make connections and reflect more deeply on their own confidences and skills,” says Linkage Consultant and GILD Coach, Elizabeth Serio.  “A coach walks into a session with no set agenda.  Their goal and desire is to help a leader develop new behaviors and hone their skills so that, when the session finishes, the coachee leaves as a better person and a better leader.”

At GILD, each attendee benefits from three hours of personal, one-on-one time where the focus and conversations are geared towards achieving their career goals.  This coaching process enables each attendee to review where he or she is currently in his or her career compared to their long-term career goals.  This rich dialogue is designed to help the coachee understand more about themselves, their behaviors, and their strengths as a leader.

“A strong leader understands on a fundamental level that feedback and coaching and leveraging that perspective can be of significant help in their career development,” says Sarah Le Roy, Vice President of Talent Management for Linkage and GILD Coach. “The value of the GILD coaching experience is that the coach and the coachee are going through this inspiring experience together, in real time–it isn’t artificial, it is robust and live, with the two individuals reacting to sessions, often within hours of hearing them.”

Executive coaching, both at GILD and elsewhere, is extremely valuable for any leader looking to grow both professionally (and even personally).  Join us tomorrow as Sarah and Elizabeth share tips for preparing for a coaching session.

For more information about Linkage’s Coaching process, request a brochure or call us directly at 781-402-5555.


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