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Do you have the skill set to be a good leader?

March 10, 2011

Are you responsible for implementing and facilitating change for your entire organization or for a small team? Are you achieving your leadership goals—both personally and for your organization?

Take our short quiz to find out…

If you are a leader who is responsible for implementing and facilitating change within your organization you need to:

  • ensure that an adequate change management plan is in place
  • be able to determine where people are in the transition process
  • help stakeholders to let go of the “old way” of doing things, adopt new processes, and define clear endings for the change/transition that is being implemented
  • create and implement effective strategies to facilitate the beginning, neutral, and ends of change/transition

If you are a leader that is responsible for employing specific leadership behaviors into your organization, you need to:

  • learn how to identify yourself within certain behavioral statements
  • be adept in identifying competency statements, and making them behavioral statements
  • learn methods for validating your leadership competency models for your organization
  • understand how to measure the intangible—that is behavior

If you are a leader that is responsible for gauging your organization’s emotional thermostat while achieving leadership goals, you need to:

  • gain insight into your leadership style, in order to drive change on a macro level
  • be aware of coaching strategies that will allow you and others to achieve their professional and personal best
  • learn how to mold micro-initiatives into missions that will have a macro-impact

Did you pass the test? Are you competent in your areas of responsibilities? Our Pre-Summit Workshop presenters at The Organizational Development Summit have outlined the key competencies necessary for implementing and facilitating change, employing specific leadership behaviors, and gauging the emotional thermostat while achieving leadership goals. Contact us at 781-402-5555 to learn more.

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