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Diversity as the Key to Sustainability

January 5, 2011

We recently viewed a documentary titled Coral Reef Adventure where we learned that diversity is key to the reefs ability to survive and thrive. The film compared thriving reefs with declining reefs and discovered that the health and sustainability of the coral reef was directly linked to the diversity of the marine life. As diversity practitioners, we experienced an “aha moment.” Diversity is essential for life—life on the coral reef, the health of a financial portfolio, the vibrancy of our communities and any organization’s ability to remain relevant. Furthermore, the intrinsic benefits of diversity are apparent everywhere—so why as diversity practitioners are we constantly challenged with rebuilding the business case and benefitting from existing diversity?

Like the coral reef, the life of a business is closely linked to its ability to sustain diversity and create an environment where synergies can occur. Sustainability is commonly defined as the capacity to endure. In ecology, the word describes a biological system’s ability to remain diverse and productive over time. For humans, it is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being. Sustainability is the buzz word of this decade. The concept has relevance in almost any setting—whether we’re talking about the environment, a business, a community, a financial portfolio, or any initiative or program. The common thread between sustainability in all its applications is diversity as the primary success factor.

Our 2011 Summit theme is Diversity as the key to sustainability: enabling organizations, people and communities to thrive. This year’s program will provide the tools necessary to embrace diverse perspectives in order to maintain sustainable businesses and communities.

Robin Pedrelli & Karina Wilhelms
Program Directors
Linkage’s Leading Diversity Summit

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