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Check Out These Books by Women in Leadership Experts

August 12, 2020 Deana LaFauci
Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this before: COVID-19 has changed so much about how we live our lives every day. We’re truly living in unprecedented times.

It may seem cliché, but actually it is important to reflect on our lives and understand how the challenges we are facing are impacting us as women leaders. And, we must identify ways to recommit to our leadership journeys at a time when women are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

This fall, hundreds of women leaders will come together for the Women in Leadership Institute. This year, the Institute is 100% virtual for the first time in its 21-year history, and we will be hearing from some truly incredible women leaders during our keynote sessions.

Carla Harris, a trailblazing woman of color on Wall Street with so many remarkable insights to share about inspiring our teams and clients. Glennon Doyle, a kind soul and best-selling author with fresh ideas about self-confidence and self-forgiveness. Molly Fletcher, a hilarious straight shooter filled with advice about how we can successfully negotiate on our own behalf. And, many, many more. You can check out the entire faculty lineup here.

Our keynote speakers are also authors of must-have leadership guides. Add them to your reading list, and then secure your spot to join us virtually this November 912.

Strategize to Win by Carla Harris

During last year’s Women in Leadership Institute, Carla Harris shared something with us that has stuck with me ever since: “Leadership is not about who you used to be. It’s about who you choose to be. You must create clarity when you cannot see.”

As women leaders strive to rise to the challenge of leading and supporting their teams, forging a new strategic direction amid turmoil, and supporting their families and loved ones in new ways during a highly stressful time, the idea that we have the power to chart our own leadership course is critically important. Carla gives us permission to become the leaders we know we can be, leaving behind the chaos to uncover true clarity about our purpose and abilities.

Between holding positions as the Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, singing in sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall, and writing two books, there’s so much to learn from Carla Harris. In Strategize to Win, Carla details how to best advance and plan out your career. The tools and tips included in this book are accessible and applicable to both senior women leaders and rising women leaders.

The Energy Clock by Molly Fletcher

As an unprecedented health crisis continues to impact everything about our lives, women are being stretched thinner than ever—at the workplace and at home. Research from Lean In finds that women are experiencing physical symptoms of stress and burnout at up to twice the rate of men during this crisis.

Our ability to completely understand who is deserving of our time and energy is more challenging than ever, but it could not be more important to our overall success during this crisis.

“As women, we have to own our energy,” Molly shared with me in an interview after she stepped off the mainstage at WIL 2019. “We have to own who deserves our energy. How effective can we be at leading if we don’t have enough energy? How can we influence if we’re absolutely exhausted?”

Molly Fletcher’s The Energy Clock shows you how to adjust your mindset and accomplish more meaningful work with fewer distractions. It is a game-changing way to give more of yourself to what’s most important, and waste less of your time and resources on what’s not. That sounds pretty incredible to me!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Doyle’s Untamed became an immediate hit in 2020. You may have seen Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Handler, Alicia Keys and Mandy Moore raving about the memoir on social media, and Kristen Bell might have said it best on her Instagram: “I cannot tear myself away from this book. It’s so good. It’s kind of overwhelming it’s so good. Maybe it’s too good?”

Glennon’s latest memoir explores introspection, listening to yourself, and navigating through a complex life. I recently sat down to read Untamed and read it straight through in one sitting, and I was sad when it was over. When you read Glennon’s words on paper, it feels like she’s sitting right next to you.

This is the perfect year for learning from the messages Glennon shares in Untamed. Her anecdotes are relatable, and her messages are universal. Since starting her blog over ten years ago, she’s published multiple books, started a nonprofit, and spoken at numerous conferences as a thought leader and activist. She’s the real deal!

The Next Big Story by Soledad O’Brien

You probably know her from her talk show, Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien, or her appearances across several news networks, but have you checked out her debut book The Next Big Story? Soledad details her life as a reporter through some of the country’s biggest recent events. Following her journey, readers gain insight into Soledad’s perseverance and strength.

Over the past half year, Soledad has served as a wise, guiding presence for many of us, as we navigate uncertain waters. It’s a joy to watch her work. She comes prepared with the facts, but she layers in critically underrepresented narratives and helps break down complex ideas in ways that allow us to be introspective about our own role in the world.

These books—along with many other resources for women in leadership—can help you hone your leadership skills and thrive. Looking for even more from these amazing women leaders? Join us at the Women in Leadership Institute on November 9–12, 2020, and get their keynote sessions broadcast straight to your computer, wherever you are.

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Women in Leadership Institute

NOV. 13–16, 2023 | Orlando, Florida, or Virtual
A 4-day immersive learning experience designed to equip women leaders with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles women often face in the workplace.

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