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Becoming Purposeful, Together! | The Best of #LinkageGILD, Day 3

September 18, 2019 Jennifer McCollum

What a remarkable day with remarkable faculty! 

Throughout Day 3 at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development®, we grappled with some big questions: What are the defining moments that have most influenced us? How can use our own experiences to be more intentional, impactful leaders? 

To discover what else we’ve learned during #LinkageGILD, check out highlights from Day 1 and Day 2.

Without further ado, here is a summary of today’s keynote faculty:

Mark Hannum on Becoming Purposeful

Linkage’s Chief Research Officer Mark Hannum explored what it means to become a purposeful leader–that is, our ability to grow ourselves with determination, compassion, self-awareness, and courage. According to Linkage’s research, inclusive of data from 100,000 360° assessments, becoming is the number one predictor of leadership effectiveness.

Becoming happens within the context of our own leadership story. Each of us is writing a story about how we lead… if we map out our own journey on a timeline, what does it look like? Think about how these experiences have shaped who you are as a leader today.

What we learned:  

  • Leadership is about gathering a group and transforming the way they work together–in a way that accomplishes something.
  • Practice showing courage by setting an “operational intention.” Think the: “When I am in this moment, here is how I am going to show up.”
  • We embody commitment to a goal when we become the symbol of the goal. When people see a goal, they see you. As a leader, you must consistently be a role model for how to achieve the goal.
  • According to Linkage research, being an inclusive leader is the second greatest predictor of effective leadership
  • Think about the following: What is your next chapter? How will you change the story? Take the default story and erase it—write a new story that you lead. This is how we can each focus on becoming purposeful.

 Mark’s new book: BECOME: The Five Commitments of Purposeful Leadership, is due out in November. 

Carla Harris on Becoming Purposeful

“Leadership is a journey from execution to empowerment.” Wall Street Veteran Carla Harris took the stage to share her hard earned pearls of wisdom. As leaders, we must commit to: Authenticity, building trust, bringing clarity, creating leaders, teaching our team how to fail, inclusion and making our voice heard. When we bring our authentic self to the table, people will trust us–and trust is at the heart of any successful relationship. If we are going to stay relevant in today’s workforce, we must invest in ourselves. We must be intentional around our leadership and about how we show up.

What we learned: 

  • Your success is directly related to your ability to penetrate relationships.
  • Inclusive leaders solicit other people’s voices. You may be the most senior person in the room, but that does not mean that you are the smartest person in the room.
  • Ideas are born from perspectives. Perspectives are born from experiences. Experiences are born from people.
  • Fear has no place in your success equation. If you are invited to the room, you belong in the room. If you belong in the room, you have a seat at the table. If you have a seat at the table, you have a responsibility to use your voice.
  • When your team trusts you, they will follow you into unknown territory. To build trust, you need to deliver over and over again.

Looking for more from Carla? Visit her website or follow Carla on Twitter for more insights.

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