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Apple’s Winning Formula

May 30, 2012

What allows Apple to succeed even after the passing of it’s wizard, Steve Jobs? Jobs’ creation of a genuine dream team. Fortune editor Geoff Colvin recently posted an article, Executive Dream Team players trump all-stars. He writes: “Jobs not only found and kept knockout technologists, marketers, designers, and others, but also welded them into a unit through a unique managerial system that included the famous marathon Monday meetings.”

According to Talent & Organization Development Institute co-chair Noel Tichy, “It’s a myth that smart people do everything better. [The truth is] smart people with aligned values and trust create high-performing teams.”

If teams are composed entirely of “stars,” trouble is inevitable. That’s because top-tier executives may all be focused on getting the same job: the CEO’s. When one person’s victory means defeat for the rest, expecting the group to cooperate may be asking too much. So, a team of potential CEOs, may well fail.

To read Colvin’s full article, click here>>

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