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A webcast recap on Developing Your Leaders with Web 2.0: A Guide to Getting Started

December 20, 2010

Our colleagues from the United Kingdom delivered an interesting webcast on the use of Web 2.0 to help further develop organizations’ leaders.  The December 9th webcast titled  Developing Your Leaders with Web 2.0: A Guide to Getting Started addressed what social media is, how to avoid the pitfalls, and the top five business concerns to take into consideration when using social media. 

Presenters Mick Yates and Matt Holt stressed the importance of understanding the “social mechanics”  first, as they are the driving force behind social media.

Here’s the official description, followed by a link to the recording if you’d like to check it out…

Developing Your Leaders with Web 2.0: A Guide to Getting Started
Two-thirds of the world’s internet population visit social networks and 13% visit Wikipedia for, on average, five minutes each day. Social media platforms are changing the way we communicate and learn online. Real time discussions with real people on timely topics have changed the reflective model of learning to become global, dynamic, and continuous. This presentation will address how businesses should speak to their future leaders in this space in ways that are relevant to them while avoiding costly or damaging pitfalls along the way.  In addition to the ways to harness the opportunities of social networks to deliver sustained learning and provide development results for you and your organization.


About the presenters:

Mick Yates is a Visiting Professor at Leeds University and founder of LeaderValues, one of the top ranked leadership websites. He is currently responsible for global business development at Dunnhumby and has 11 years of experience as a regional CEO in Asia for P&G and J&J businesses.

Matt Holt is a Business Partner at Kinship Networking, an organization that specializes in the strategy and implementation of Social Networking. Their clients include Vodafone, Harvard Business School and Unilever.

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