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10 Ways to Prepare for #LinkageGILD 2019

September 11, 2019 Rachael Marangu

Next week, we will be welcoming hundreds of senior leaders from around the world to our Global Institute for Leadership Development® (GILD) in Palm Desert, CA. Our team is eager to join you in what promises to be a memorable week together, and a fundamental step in your journey to becoming a purposeful leader.

GILD is a time to pause, reflect, and make thoughtful commitments to ourselves, our teams and our organizations. It’s a time of introspection–but also of collaboration, experimentation, and new thinking. Above all, GILD is a four-day investment in ourselves to dive into the questions: Why do I lead? How do I lead? What type of leader do I want to become?

You can follow all of the action taking place on center stage, read leadership insights from our outstanding faculty, and be a part of the memorable moments on Twitter using the hashtag #LinkageGILD (or on Instagram,Facebook and LinkedIn).

As we prepare to kick things off, our team has compiled a list of tips and resources to help you make the most of your #LinkageGILD experience:

  1. Get excited! If you’ve never experienced #LinkageGILD before, you may be wondering what to expect. Watch our highlight video featuring some of our favorite moments from last year and get excited for what 2019 will bring.
  2. Prepare to participate—GILD has no spectators. Be ready to immerse yourself in all aspects of the Institute and keep an open mind—you might just be surprised by what you learn about yourself and what’s possible for you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.
  3. Play some “games.” Truly innovative thinking rarely happens within the confines of a typical corporate environment. GILD faculty Stephen Shapiro uses the metaphor of “kid games” to explain how unbounded, unrestrictive thinking can sharpen the creative mind. Prepare to treat GILD as your innovation playground.
  4. Have an open mind. Would you consider competition in your organization a good thing? Listen to this podcast with GILD faculty Margaret Heffernan to learn why competition may actually negatively affect organizations, and what you can do to stay ahead of potential problems and “future-proof” yourself.
  5. Keep your tribe in mind. We all know that culture is important—but how do you build and maintain a working environment that fosters high performance, inclusivity, and innovation? Listen to author Dave Logan share insights on the five stages underlying tribal relationships, and how to leverage this knowledge into a culture transformation.
  6. Think about your purpose. There are no foolproof formulas for how to define your purpose as a leader, but there are many helpful techniques to assist you, like these seven questions from GILD co-chair Richard Leider. Reflect on them to see what you can discover about yourself—and bring them with you to discuss with your personal coach.
  7. Leverage the collective wisdom of your peers. When you arrive at GILD, take a look around. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of leaders from across the globe—a networking opportunity like no other. When it comes to networking, listening is just as important as talking. Take the time to listen to what your peers have to say about their experiences without being a conversational narcissist.
  8. Think outside the box—and always think inclusively. Entrepreneur and political commentator Kwame Jackson knows that purposeful leaders are inclusive leaders. He is passionate about creating cultures of inclusion and helping leaders mitigate bias. Read these takeaways from a recent webinar with Kwame, and learn the most important tips to leading across differences.
  9. Remember why you’re here. At GILD, you’ll have the unique opportunity to reflect on your own leadership journey—and what inspires you to lead. Our greatest call to action as leaders is to know and live our purpose. It matters—and has a lasting impact on us, our team, and our organization. Dive into Linkage’s recent research, which explains how purposeful leaders drive results.
  10. Make time for you. The GILD experience is what you make of it. When you return to the office, give yourself time to process what you’ve learned, choose goals to act on, and schedule your follow-up coaching sessions.

Follow @LinkageInc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Tweet, post and share about your experience, and connect with other attendees. This year’s official hashtag is #LinkageGILD.

See you at GILD!


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