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Advancing Women in the Workplace | Takeaways from Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute 2021

Now more than ever, leaders and organizations have a responsibility to support, retain and advance women leaders into key leadership positions. The state of women in the workplace is improving, but there are still gaps in the advancement pipeline. According to McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2021 report, we continue to see evidence of a […]

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Carla Harris Closes Out the Women in Leadership Institute | Day 4 of #LinkageWIL

Today, we conclude the 22nd annual Women in Leadership Institute™—our largest-ever Institute and the first to be offered in person and virtually! Let’s dive into insights from Carla Harris, 2021 Legends in Leadership Faculty Chair, who helped us conclude this extraordinary week.

Key Insights from Erica Dhawan and Molly Fletcher at the Virtual Women in Leadership Institute | Day 3 of WIL

Today, we heard from two incredibly inspiring women at the Women in Leadership Institute™: Erica Dhawan and Molly Fletcher. We also heard from Carla Harris, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, who was celebrated with the 2021 Legends in Leadership Faculty chair. 

Takeaways from Magic Johnson and Sheila Lirio Marcelo at the 2021 Women in Leadership Institute | Day 2 of #LinkageWIL

On Day 2 of #LinkageWIL, we heard from two innovative and forward-thinking keynote speakers, Magic Johnson and Sheila Marcelo, who shared insights with us that have the power to change the way we approach life and leadership.

Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute—Our Largest Ever—Kicks Off | Key Insights from Day 1 of #LinkageWIL 2021

Day 1 of #LinkageWIL kicks off and for the first time in its 22-year history, we are meeting both in-person in Orlando, Florida and broadcasting live remotely to women leaders around the world through our virtual platform. Be sure to follow along here on the Linkage Leadership Insights Blog for coverage from each day of the conference and follow us on social media for in-the-moment insights. 

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Ways to Prepare for Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™ (WIL) 2021 | Our Biggest-Ever Conference

Next week, we will welcome 2,600 women leaders to Linkage’s 22nd annual Women in Leadership Institute™ (WIL). This is the largest Institute in its history, and for the first time, we are bringing together women in person and virtually, making it the most accessible conference we have ever hosted—and that was very purposeful. We know that women in the workplace have been disproportionately professionally impacted by COVID-19, and the hurdles to advancement have never been higher.

How to Help Your Teams Manage Anxiety at Work | 3 Takeaways from Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton’s Latest Book

Leaders, your management style and tactics can increase or decrease anxiety for your team members – and with the cost of anxiety being so high and uncertainty increasing, now is the time to examine how you lead. With these ideas, tactics, and concepts from Adrian Gostick and Chestor Elton, you can lead with compassion and a keen understanding of your people’s needs – unlocking the power of potential at a critical time.

Fostering Belonging with Your Virtual Teams

Remote work and virtual teams are here to stay. The challenge now becomes how do leaders best engage their virtual teams? Linkage’s Director of Product Management, Jeff Duffield shares tips on how to foster a sense of belonging and create cultures of inclusion in a virtual environment.

How Diversity and Inclusion Helps Teams Thrive | Thoughts from Molly Fletcher, WIL Keynote Speaker

Trailblazer Molly Fletcher, former sports agent and returning keynote speaker at the 2021 Women in Leadership Institute™ shares her tips for building and maintaining diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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