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The leadership call to action has never been greater—and in our “do more with less” global landscape, the expectations placed on leaders have never been higher.


Compelled to deliver stronger results each day, it’s no surprise that our attention is continually fragmented across myriad strategic priorities. So how can individual leaders and organizations succeed in this environment?

The first step is with some simple questions: What kind of leader am I? What kind of leader do I need to be? What kind of leaders do we want and need within our organization?

The more awareness and intention leaders and organizations can apply to how they inspire, engage, innovate and achieve, the greater the likelihood that business initiatives will be successful.


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What Drives Effective Leadership? The Purposeful Leader

Linkage defines leadership in its truest form as a lifelong journey of purposeful commitments made to ourselves and others. Leaders who commit to leading purposefully impact their teams, organizations and communities in greater ways, and leave a lasting legacy with those around them.

Linkage's Purposeful Leadership ModelWe assembled a team of our consultants to sort fact from fiction, and tested it for real world relevance—using data from our work with nearly a million leaders over the last 30 years. We combined the quantitative evidence with the experiential and anecdotal data, stories and experiences. We enlisted the help of over 100 clients and academic experts to help us unpack leadership, through the lens of what separates the great ones from everyone else.

And here’s what we found: great leaders and great leadership are purposeful. And that purposefulness is what drives profit, revenue, and employee engagement.

It’s about making and keeping these five commitments: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve, and Become. Take a closer look at our Purposeful Leadership Model by downloading it here.

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Commit with Purpose

Leaders are meaning makers, and those who have greatest impact do so as a result of a conscious understanding of leadership behavior. You—and others in your organization—are committed to change, driven to excellence, and focused on creating meaningful impact.

And together, you're not only ready for what’s next—you’re ready to change the game.

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