LinkEDGE | Accelerate your leadership impact

LinkEDGE | Connect. Innovate. Accelerate.

Maximize your leadership impact and solve real-time business challenges with a personal board of advisors.


LinkEDGE is a series of private, location-based groups of senior executives committed to driving change. Committed to becoming leaders worth following. Members convene regularly to ideate, share perspectives, and collaborate with a trusted group of peers from across industries. Facilitator led, these groups accelerate leadership development by leveraging insights from a 360° assessment as the starting point for a transformational learning journey.


Now is the time to focus on you and the results you want to create. Purposefully.

Solve your unique business challenges in a supportive environment—surrounded by like-minded leaders while at the same time developing new and different skills. Envision the future that you want to create. What will your legacy and your impact be on your team, organization, community—and industry?


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The path to purposeful leadership starts with you.

The LinkEDGE framework is based on Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership™ methodology. Research has shown us that the most effective leaders differentiate themselves from the rest because of purpose. It really does matter.

Here’s why: When we’re purposeful, we drive 2 times the amount of revenue growth, 4 times the amount of profit growth, 9 times the amount of employee engagement and 10 times Net Promoter Score. Immerse yourself in the five commitments that will help you answer your personal why and translate it into your larger vision for the future—and create an actionable business plan to get you there.


The LinkEDGE peer-based experience includes:

  • Connecting with skilled facilitators and senior leaders in a collaborative, inclusive and confidential environment
  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching based on results from a 360° leadership assessment 
  • Access to cutting edge content and thought leadership based on 30 years of Linkage’s leadership research
  • Exclusive online community for advice, networking and best practice sharing
  • Interactive, skill-building sessions to bring real tools that will help you multiply your impact 
  • Actionable business planning tools designed to help you meet and exceed your annual goals 
  • Thinking beyond the bottom line and focusing on your purpose to create impact


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