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360º Assessment with Inclusion Scale

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Companies that develop leaders who do things for a purpose and with a purpose enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement.

The data also shows that these highly effective leaders are, at their core, inclusive leaders.

Do you know if leaders at your organization are purposeful? Do you have the data to understand whether your leaders are inclusive?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment is designed to measure an individual leader’s effectiveness and inclusiveness across the five core commitments that all leaders make to their stakeholders: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become. These commitments represent why we have leaders, the promise of what leaders deliver, and a framework for where to direct our attention as leaders. Each commitment is supported by specific practices and leadership skills designed to support positive leadership journeys.

This assessment is designed for organizations and individuals looking to assess the leadership effectiveness of leaders at all levels, while also gaining critical insight into whether their leadership is leading inclusively.

Features of the Assessment

  • Grounded in 30 years of proprietary research on the behaviors of the most impactful leaders, and aligned with five fundamental commitments that leaders make to their stakeholders
  • Statistically proven through a multistage approach for assessment validity and reliability
  • Provides a normative comparison with all other leaders who have taken the assessment
  • Measures 52 behaviors that align to the 5 commitments of leadership
  • Feedback report also provides comments on two open-ended questions
  • Performance ratings are offered on an absolute scale and percentile basis
  • Group assessment is available
  • Embedded scale to measure inclusive behaviors (which predict a leader’s impact)
Results of the Report

  • Clearly illustrate how a leader is perceived by others in terms of fulfilling each of the five commitments
  • Clearly depict how a leader’s actions align with the behaviors of an inclusive leader
  • Provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Allow a leader to understand how important each commitment is to their success in their current role
  • Offer leaders an opportunity to start their leadership development with confidential input from key stakeholder groups
What’s Included

  • Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, including insights into the leader’s overall and relative performance on each commitment, the practices that make up each commitment, and the related leadership skills
  • Insights from embedded Inclusion Scale, which evaluates the commitments most closely correlated with inclusive leadership practices

Spotlight on Inclusion

Purposeful Leaders are inclusive leaders. And, inclusive leadership skills are more critical than ever.

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. For ethnic/cultural diversity, top-quartile companies were 33% more likely to outperform on profitability.*

And yet, organizations continue to struggle to build cultures that truly value and appreciate difference. It’s more important than ever for organizations to make a commitment to inclusion, and leaders play a vital role in fostering a culture where all employees are valued.

At Linkage, we understand a simple truth: Purposeful Leaders are effective leaders, and the most effective leaders are inclusive.

Purposeful Leaders manage effectively across generational, ethnic, racial, gender or other identity lines. And they lead with an authenticity that inspires their teams to communicate openly and thrive together.

Every leader deserves insights into their ability to lead inclusively.

Inclusive leadership isn’t an optional add-on or a “nice to have” skill set. It is a critical commitment for every leader, and at Linkage, we believe that every leader deserves the opportunity to assess, understand and grow their ability to lead inclusively. That’s why we offer the Inclusion Scale as part of every Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment. Every leader who takes the assessment is empowered to examine their ability to lead inclusively and identify key opportunities to improve their ability to engage and lead across difference.

*McKinsey, Delivering through Diversity report, 2018

What is the Inclusion Scale?

  • 16 specific behaviors that have been proven to be strong predictors of a leader’s impact on people and organizational culture
  • Quantitative results (within the Purposeful Leadership Assessment) that measure a leader’s ability to lead both effectively and inclusively
  • An opportunity for leaders to take specific steps to being more effective and inclusive

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