Inclusive Leader 360° Assessment

Empower your leaders with data to improve how they engage their teams, lead across difference and become role models of inclusive leadership through this diagnostic 360° assessment.

Accelerate the development of inclusive leaders through this best-in-class diagnostic assessment tool.

Linkage research has shown that inclusive leaders are the most effective leaders—having the most positive impact on their organization’s people, culture and business.

Through our research, we know that inclusive leaders are more authentic, have more engaged employees and have higher-performing teams. We also know that inclusive leaders focus on relationships and create environments where colleagues are comfortable being their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging within the organization. Leaders who are more inclusive have teams who are more innovative and more productive. Simply put, inclusive leaders are the most effective leaders.

Do you know if leaders at your organization are inclusive? Do your leaders know what they need to do to be more inclusive?

Linkage’s Inclusive Leader 360° Assessment offers valuable commentary, performance data, feedback and benchmarks to measure the inclusivity and effectiveness of the leaders in your organization. The assessment report will help leaders determine areas of strength and areas they should develop further.

Features of the Assessment:

  • Grounded in 30 years of proprietary research on the behaviors of the most impactful leaders
  • Statistically proven through a multistage approach for assessment validity and reliability
  • Provides a normative comparison with all other leaders who have taken the assessment
  • Includes an overall Inclusive Leadership score, aggregate scores for Fostering Belonging and Leveraging Uniqueness (the two most important behaviors of inclusive leaders), and detailed ratings on the 16 specific behaviors associated with effective, inclusive leaders
  • Provides open-ended feedback from raters on strengths and opportunities
  • Provides organizations with the option of having a group assessment to see aggregate results for all participating leaders within the organization

Results of the Report:

  • Illustrates how a leader is perceived by others in terms of being an inclusive leader
  • Clearly depicts how a leader’s actions align with the behaviors of an inclusive leader
  • Provides narrative guidance on how to interpret the results, how to gain more insights and how to take steps toward improving their inclusive leadership abilities
  • Contains both quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Shows how a leader is impacting the organization’s people, culture and business—the three most important performance indicators of effective leadership

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