Advancing Women Organizational Assessment

Assess your organization’s ability to attract, retain, and advance women.

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An Organizational Assessment Designed for Organizations Looking to Advance Women Leaders


Do you have access to the benchmark data you need to build a successful strategy to identify, develop and promote women leaders? Do you understand the leading indicators of success for women in leadership?

Don’t wait for a high-performing woman leader to leave your organization or turn down a leadership opportunity before you act to create an environment where gender parity can be achieved.

Many organizations have set goals to increase the number of women leaders in their ranks, but they continue to rely on lagging indicators like retention or promotion rates or outdated business assessments to inform their strategy. By the time they access this data, the damage is done; women have left the organization—or never joined it to begin with.

Linkage’s Advancing Women Organizational AssessmentTM (AWOA) is a research-backed, diagnostic assessment tool designed to equip organizations with the critical benchmark data and insights they need to develop a comprehensive and meaningful strategy to advance women leaders.

This assessment includes diagnostic questions designed to equip organizations with key data on leading indicators that allow them to proactively predict (and positively impact) the advancement of women leaders.

Women account for 41.9 percent of the workforce in 2023. Yet, the proportion of women in senior leadership roles has dropped by 10 percent to 32.2 percent.* Do you have a clear strategy to advance women leaders?

Linkage’s research has identified the four dimensions organizations must address in order to support women in leadership and achieve and maintain gender parity—Culture, Talent Systems, Executive Action, and Leadership Development for Women. This assessment focuses on these dimensions to equip organizations with the data they need to identify and act on the areas that will have the greatest positive impact on the advancement of women leaders.

The AWOA is designed for organizations looking to start, accelerate, or broaden women in leadership initiatives, and for organizations seeking to demonstrate the impact of their strategies to advance women leaders.

Access the data required to begin a critical conversation about advancing women leaders—and the expert insight you need to continue it. Each Advancing Women Organizational Assessment includes a two-hour Strategic Debrief Session with an expert Linkage consultant as part of our Advancing Women Leaders Organizational Analysis.

*Global Gender Gap Report 2023 published by the World Economic Forum, June 2023

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive metrics from the Advancing Women Organizational Assessment, taken by up to 1,000 leaders
  • Advancing Women Leaders Executive Session, a Strategic Debrief Led by Expert Linkage Consultant (2 Hours)
  • Unique “Net Promoter Score for Women” for your organization
  • Access to benchmark data from other leading organizations working to advance women leaders
  • AWL Action Plan with tangible next steps directly tied to results of the assessment

View a sample report from the Advancing Women Organizational Assessment.


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Multiply Your Impact

Once you identify the areas that will make the greatest impact in the advancement of women at your organization and gain access to critical benchmark data, begin building out your program to advance women.

Advancing Women Leaders Academy
Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, case studies through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.
Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment
Empower women to identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks.