Advancing Women Leaders 360º Assessment

Build a pipeline of women leaders by helping them identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks.

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A 360° Leadership Assessment, Specifically Designed for Women in Leadership


Do women leaders at your organization have access to the insights they need to inform their leadership journeys?

Equip women leaders at your organization with data on their leadership strengths and opportunities.

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment™ is designed to help women leaders identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks.

Based on decades of research with successful women leaders, the assessment identifies the patterns of behavior that differentiate the women who achieve leadership success from those who don’t.

This assessment has been researched, developed and validated based on Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders model. The assessment identifies the competencies critical to being recognized as a high-potential or high-impact leader.

For every 100 men promoted, only 85 women are promoted, and for some it’s even worse—only 58 black women for every 100 men.*

This assessment includes both quantitative and qualitative feedback, is available in a self- or multi-rater format, and can be used independently or as part of coaching or training. It is designed for organizations looking to assess the leadership strengths and opportunities for women at all levels.

This assessment can serve as an important foundational tool in leadership development training for women as part of Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Solution.

It represents an opportunity for women leaders to build self-awareness through a detailed examination of how leadership behaviors are perceived. The report provided to each leader includes a framework to explore their individual leadership strengths and development areas.


What’s Included

  • Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment, which targets each leader’s overall and relative performance on each competency, the practices that make up each competency, and the related leadership skills
  • Assessment Feedback Results Report, which includes insights into the seven hurdles commonly faced by women in the workplace and key areas of opportunity to scale these hurdles

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Multiply Your Impact

Once you empower your women leaders with assessment insights into their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity, begin building out your program to advance women leaders at your organization.

Advancing Women Leaders Organizational Assessment
Focus your organization's efforts in the areas that will be most impactful when it comes to advancing women leaders.
Advancing Women Leaders Academy
Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, case studies through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.