Women Leaders, 
Your Time Is Now!

Addressing the Inner Critic and the 7 Hurdles to Your Career Advancement

Designed for women leaders at your organization and can be tailored to fit a variety of audiences, including more senior women leaders or rising women leaders.


Engage women leaders with an interactive keynote presentation

Now is the time to meaningfully engage women leaders at your organization through accessible and ready-to-deliver keynote programming.

During this one-hour, interactive keynote session, available in person or virtually, women in attendance will hear from a leading expert in women’s advancement and gain skills to overcome the hurdles to advancement in the workplace.

Facilitated by Shannon Bayer, Principal Consultant and women’s advancement advocate, this keynote will equip women with actionable strategies they can immediately apply to their own professional lives.

This keynote presentation is designed for women leaders at your organization and can be tailored to fit a variety of audiences, including more senior women leaders or rising women leaders.

One in four women may choose to downshift their careers or opt out of the workforce entirely. Now is the time to meet women where they are and provide them with the engaging content they need at a critical time.

Meet Our Experts

Shannon Bayer

Vice President, Revenue & Principal Consultant, Linkage

Shannon Bayer, JD, is the Vice President of Revenue at Linkage. In this role, she oversees the team responsible for selling Linkage’s comprehensive suite of leadership development solutions. She partners closely with her team to foster and grow client relationships that are focused on creating the optimal solution for each organization based on their talent development goals.

Shannon also serves in a client-facing capacity as Principal Consultant, where she brings 10+ years of facilitation experience. She is highly regarded as a top-notch facilitator who is ready to respectfully challenge the status quo and take leaders to the next level. Shannon brings an in-depth expertise and a passion for designing and implementing programs focused on advancing women in leadership—and empowering each leader with the knowledge they need to transform how they show up in their role and drive change in their organization.



Women Leaders, Your Time Is Now! Addressing the Inner Critic and the 7 Hurdles to Your Career Advancement

The impact of the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis has been far-reaching, and women in the workplace have been disproportionately affected. As women navigate the hurdles to advancement during a crisis, advancement becomes even harder to achieve.

How can women continue to prioritize their advancement, along with the myriad other challenges and stressors they are experiencing, during this once-in-a-generation crisis?

During this interactive keynote session, we will explore the “Inner Criticand the seven other high hurdles to advancement for women in the workplace. Informed by more than 20 years of coaching and assessing women, Linkage knows the path to leadership for women is different.

The Inner Critic is the voice inside our head that is critical of ourselves and others. It drives our thoughts and actions and can lead us astray by stifling our opinions and desires, preventing us from making decisions and hampering relationships. Understanding what triggers our Inner Critic and knowing how to return to our Compassionate Center—the place where we pause, get curious, and deploy compassion to ourselves and others—is key for women leaders to advance their careers.

In this session, participants will explore:

  • How your Inner Critic drives what you think and do and holds you back from advancement
  • How to recognize your Inner Critic and learn a practice for returning to your Compassionate Center
  • How to manage your Inner Critic by using your Inner Coach
  • The seven hurdles, and how the Inner Critic can make those hurdles harder to glide over


What’s Included:

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Multiply Your Impact

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