Making the Most of Your Leadership:

Driving Your Business Forward in
an Increasingly Uncertain World 

Designed for an audience of employees or leaders who need support to succeed during a volatile or changing time.


Relevant, timely keynotes designed to empower employees to succeed during uncertain times

Equip your employees and teams with the content they need at a critical time through an engaging keynote session.

During this one-hour, interactive keynote session, available in person at your organization or virtually, attendees will unlock the power of Purposeful Leadership and learn actionable strategies to face and embrace change at work.

Facilitated by an experienced Linkage consultant and Purposeful Leadership expert, this keynote will equip employees with timely content on the biggest challenges facing leaders now and provides them with the next steps they need to thrive.

This keynote presentation is designed for an audience of employees or leaders who need support to succeed during a volatile or changing time.

Linkage research shows that companies that develop leaders who do things for a purpose and with a purpose enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement. Now is the time to engage employees on a Purposeful Leadership journey.

Meet Our Experts

Jennifer McCollum

CEO of Linkage, a SHRM Company; Author of In Her Own Voice: A Woman's Rise to CEO

Jennifer McCollum is CEO of Linkage, Inc., where she oversees the strategic direction and global operations of the Boston, MA-based leadership development company. With a mission to “Change the Face of Leadership,” Linkage has dedicated 30 years to improving leadership effectiveness and equity in hundreds of organizations globally. Linkage provides assessments, training, coaching, consulting and conferences, with Solutions designed to Accelerate Purposeful Leaders; Advance Women Leaders; and Redesign Inclusive Organizations.



Making the Most of Your Leadership—Driving Your Business Forward in an Increasingly Uncertain World

Today’s global health crisis has forced us to face seemingly insurmountable challenges—to fundamentally change the way that we do business. We’ve had to make painful choices, from reducing our workforce to pivoting our business strategy. And amid this crisis, we also have seen an increase in national unrest due to racial injustice. Therefore, how we choose to show up as a leader today is critical to our ability to emerge stronger and to create a different future—together.

As business leaders, we must manage our most important asset—our talent—purposefully and inclusively. Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage, will discuss the results of three decades of research to uncover what the most effective leaders do differently. Linkage’s research has revealed findings relevant to anyone charged with leveraging their leadership talent for maximum business impact, especially in complex and uncertain times.


In this session, you will explore:

  • The five commitments the most effective leaders make
  • The critical role that inclusion plays in leadership effectiveness and how to measure it
  • Actions you can take to build a purposeful, inclusive organization


What’s Included:

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Multiply Your Impact

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