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Linkage’s keynote speaking engagements are immersive, expert-led sessions that address the most pressing leadership development issues facing the workforce today. From creating inclusive leaders and organizations to addressing the seven hurdles that women face in the workplace, we deliver the right content targeted for your population—from individual contributors up through the executive level.

Linkage facilitators have delivered hundreds of keynote sessions, both in person and virtually, across industries and around the globe, and we continuously evolve the content to reflect our latest research and stories, tailored to the audience. With more than two decades of experience in designing and delivering leadership development programming, our speakers know what it takes to deliver content that will engage and inspire your workforceand create organizational change aligned with your strategy and goals.

Each session is designed to provide a quick, but intensive exploration of a critical topic. Packed with actionable takeaways, we invite you to select the session that best fits your talent development goals to ensure maximum impact. Keynote sessions can be used as a standalone leadership development opportunity or leveraged as part of a broader initiative, inclusive of consulting, coaching and leadership assessment.

Keynote sessions vary from 1 to 3 hours in length and can be delivered in person or virtually.

Immersive Keynote Sessions

Creating Inclusive Leaders & Organizations Start a new conversation about inclusion at your organization.

Keynote: Three Critical Levers to Creating an Inclusive Culture
Explore how leaders can make a tangible impact on the culture and create a new inclusive future at your organization.
Keynote: Reflecting on Allyship – How to Drive Meaningful Change
Explore allyship and identify actionable ways allies can serve as advocates for coworkers from minority and underrepresented groups in the workplace.

Advancing Women Leaders Meaningfully engage your women leaders and the executives who support their advancement.

Keynote: Changing the Game for Women in the Workplace
Equip leaders at your organization with actionable strategies to support the advancement of women leaders.
Keynote: Women Leaders, Your Time Is Now! Addressing the Inner Critic and the 7 Hurdles to Your Career Advancement
Engage women leaders with accessible and actionable programming to help them scale the hurdles to advancement.
Keynote: In Her Own Voice | A Woman’s Rise to CEO
Engage women leaders and their champions with the inspiration, motivation and strategies for advancement.

Leading Through Crisis Equip your teams with the skills and thinking they need to thrive during change and transition.

Keynote: Making the Most of Your Leadership: Driving Your Business Forward in an Increasingly Uncertain World
Unlock the power of Purposeful Leadership and learn actionable strategies to face and embrace change at work.

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