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Leadership and 360° Assessments

True leaders engage others to achieve organizational objectives.

Yet, many leaders have blind spots. Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is the cornerstone of leadership development.

At Linkage, we help leaders understand their behavior using customizable 360° and self-assessment methods, as well as by leveraging personality assessments to add depth to their results.

Proven and reliable 360° tools:

Purposeful Leadership®

The Purposeful Leadership Assessment® 

The Purposeful Leadership Assessment is based on Linkage's Purposeful Leadership Model, which is designed around the five core commitments purposeful leaders make to their stakeholders: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become. These commitments represent why we have leaders, the promise of what leaders deliver, and a framework for where to direct our attention as leaders. Each commitment is supported by specific practices and leadership skills. The assessment provides insight into a leaders overall and relative performance on each commitment, the practices that make up each commitment, and the related leadership skills.

Advancing Women Leaders

The Advancing Women Organizational Assessment™ (AWA) 

Focus your organization's efforts in the areas that will be the most impactful when it comes to advancing women leaders. 

This Assessment has been researched, developed and validated based on the Dimensions for Growth, Linkage’s organizational model for advancing women leaders. The assessment targets the critical dimensions of focus for an organization to actively increase the number of women in leadership ranks and provides key metrics for demonstrating impact.

The Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment™ 

Help women move into executive ranks.

Linkage developed the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment™ to help women identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks. Based on research with successful women leaders, the assessment identifies the patterns of behavior that differentiate between the women who achieve leadership success and those who don’t. This assessment, which includes quantitative and qualitative feedback, is available in a self- or multi-rater format and can be used independently, or as part of coaching or training. The principles form the foundation for Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute.


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Personality Assessments

The best leaders are true to themselves. Often used for coaching or high-potential development, our complementary interviews, simulations, and personality indexes help leaders understand their natural tendencies and the implications they have on business results. Long-standing partnerships allow us to offer the following leading assessments:

The Hogan Personality Inventory™ (HPI) – Helps gain insights into your natural leadership tendencies.

The Hogan Development Survey™ (HDS) – Helps mitigate derailing risks.

The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory™ (MVPI) – To analyze personal motivators and preferred culture.