Executive Development - Team Effectiveness Assessment

Executive Development and Selection

Dramatically improve senior team effectiveness with accurate succession and development guidance. Using interviews, structured feedback sessions, and objective team assessments and leadership diagnostics, we help you build a thriving senior executive team. We help CEOs and Boards with identifying, selecting, and accelerating top performers into leadership positions; sustaining executive team effectiveness; and with insight into their organizations’ leadership strengths and opportunities.

Linkage’s Executive Development and Selection methodology includes a variety of proven qualitative and quantitative data-gathering tools and techniques.

  • You assess your Executive Team performance with the Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • Capture the profile of a leader's strengths and developmental areas as seen by others with our Leadership Assessment Instrument
  • Audit communication tendencies and skills using Linkage’s proprietary Communication Style and Abilities Inventory for Leaders
  • Understand natural styles and tendencies with the Hogan Personality Inventory™, derailers with the Hogan Development Survey™, and values and cultural preferences with the Hogan Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory™
  • Develop a leadership story, values, and point of view using our powerful Personal Autobiography exercise, which isolates the world views, experiences, and history that drive behavior
  • Understand and predict leadership skills and competencies with the Behavioral Event Interviewing method
  • Predict performance with mini-simulations, such as presenting a strategic business plan to a panel of assessors; or solving complex business challenges to determine problem-solving and analytical skills; reasoning and judgment; and overall composure 
  • Contrast and explore the leader’s self-perception of leadership agenda, style, strengths, and developmental areas using structured 360 interviews with the leader’s supervisor, peers, direct reports, and others

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