Managing Organizational Transition

Provide managers at your organization with the knowledge and skills they need to lead and coach through change and transition.

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A partnership between Linkage and William Bridges Associates

One thing that remains constant in business is change, and yet 66% of change initiatives fail or have mixed results because of poor execution, lack of support, and ineffective communication.*

Do the leaders at your organization have the tools they need to effectively manage change and transition?

Our Managing Organizational Transition program provides managers with the knowledge and skills to lead and coach people through change and transition, resulting in less disruption and increased productivity.

*Gartner, 2018.

Who’s it for?

This program is designed for leaders and managers who are responsible for implementing change. It is available as a day-long, live, instructor-led program.

Program Participants Will:

  • Enhance their ability to lead themselves and others through challenging change initiatives
  • Understand the critical elements for driving successful change
  • Develop coaching skills to create a change-ready culture throughout their organization
  • Learn how to create and implement effective transition strategies
  • Decrease the negative effects of change on individuals and groups

An Innovative Lesson Plan

Linkage’s Managing Organizational Transition Face-to-Face Workshop presents the same models and concepts necessary to effectively lead through change. Empower your leaders through a full day of hands-on, immersive learning. This program is a great fit for any managers responsible for implementing change.

Unit 1: Change versus Transition

Begin to understand the importance of managing the human side of change and define the difference between change versus transition. Finally, discuss the three phases of transition, as well as how to lead change and manage transition.

Unit 2: Locating People in Transition

Review GRASS: the internal signs of transition and understand what signs to look for to locate people in transition. Learn to listen for words and phrases that may signify this.

Unit 3: Managing the Ending Phase

Develop the skills and strategies needed for managing and analyzing endings and losses.

Unit 4: Leading in the Neutral Zone

Learn how to lead people through the neutral zone while improving communication during change. Analyze temporary solutions, all while enhancing creativity and learning. Finally, begin preparing to coach others.

Unit 5: Supporting the New Beginning

Discover strategies for new beginnings and study the seven principles of transition management.

Unit 6: Case Study

Discuss the case study—The first layoff in 20 years: Apex Manufacturing. Examine transition interventions.

Unit 7: Action Plan and Resources

Build your action plan, finalize strategies to manage transition, and discuss using transition-monitoring teams.

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Presented in partnership with William Bridges Associates

For over 25 years, William Bridges Associates has delivered training to leaders, consultants, and human resource and OD professionals focused on strategies and techniques for successfully managing transition. These training programs, now offered in partnership with Linkage, have certified more than 5,000 managers, trainers, and consultants worldwide to conduct Transition Management programs.

Help individuals at your organization effectively navigate change and transition.

To learn more about bringing Linkage’s Individual Transition in Organizations Program to your organization, call +1.781.402.5555 or email

Multiply Your Impact

Looking to ensure your full team’s readiness for change? Equip your talent and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully navigate change and transition.

Individual Transition in Organizations
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Our half-day Individual Transition in Organizations program is designed to teach individuals from your organization how to handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress, manage endings successfully, deal more effectively with constant change, and re-think their work lives to make them less vulnerable to workplace changes.​
Open-Enrollment Workshop
Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer – July 2020
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Perfect for human resource and organization development professionals, this three-day Train-the-Trainer program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops to internal staff as needed.


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