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REDESIGNING INCLUSION: Becoming an Inclusion Champion – Workforce In-Person Program

Empower your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively work across difference through convenient in-person learning.

Inclusion happens in the small, intentional acts we do every day. Equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to champion inclusion within your organization.

Led by an expert facilitator, Linkage’s Becoming an Inclusion Champion Workforce In-Person Program empowers participants to act inclusively by learning about their Inner Critic to help manage their biases.

Research shows that when employees experience inclusive behaviors from their leaders and colleagues, both in team settings and through other interpersonal connections, they are more likely to report feeling included at work regardless of whether their organization has any formal inclusion systems in place.*

*McKinsey, 2021, How people—not just policies—make or break inclusive workplaces

How are you encouraging your workforce to champion inclusion?

The entire workforce can champion inclusion within their organization. Based on Linkage’s research, participants in the Becoming an Inclusion Champion Workforce In-Person Program will use discussions and navigate real-world scenarios to recognize how to interrupt non-inclusive events and champion a new, more inclusive way forward in their workplace.

And, because this experience is delivered in-person, participants will build a collective commitment to focus on this critical topic through small-group discussions, large-group discussions, and social and collaborative learning. The single, 3-hour, in-person session is designed for your workforce to deepen their own understanding so they can better contribute to cultures of inclusion.

Participants will

  • Understand how bias affects the workplace, leading to lack of engagement and poor business results
  • Learn how to identify, address and mitigate the effects of bias in the workplace
  • Gain real-world best practices to allow them to create and foster cultures of inclusion

An Innovative Approach

This in-person, hands-on program is designed to drive transformative change in the workplace, beginning with each participant.

The learning experience is designed for workforce employees.

Session 1 Inclusion, Bias and the Inner Critic (90 minutes)

We tend to look at the world and those around us through our own lenses, influenced by geography, upbringing, education, and many other factors. This bias, both conscious and unconscious, impacts employee engagement, attrition, and the bottom line.

In this session, participants will

  • Discuss current challenges and opportunities within their organization
  • Learn how biases are formed
  • Explore how their own conscious and unconscious biases affect behavior through the lens of their Inner Critic

Session 2 Impacting a Culture of Inclusion (90 minutes)

Every individual has a critical role to play in advancing inclusion in the workplace. Learn actionable strategies to create a new, more inclusive tomorrow

In this session, participants will

  • Discover the important steps everyone can take to mitigate the effects of unconscious biases in the workplace
  • Learn how to avoid and address microaggressions when they happen
  • Practice micro-affirmations, a powerful tool for inclusion
  • Become more aware of the personal and organizational benefits of contributing to an inclusive culture
  • Demonstrate and practice skills and tools that will lead to greater inclusion

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I just finished a 3-part series and can honestly say that I am walking away feeling educated and energized to continue to improve my ability to develop and mentor with equity.

Joseph Simonetta

Senior Director, Warehouse Operations at NFI

Multiply Your Impact

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