Advancing Women Leaders Academy

Empower women leaders with actionable steps and practices to scale the barriers they face in the workplace.

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Bring a Premier, In-Person Leadership Development Program for Women Leaders to Your Organization


As more women may choose to downshift their careers, how are you meaningfully supporting and engaging them?

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders™ Academy is a 9-module learning experience delivered in-person at your organization. It equips women business leaders with actionable steps and practices to address the barriers that impede their advancement in the workplace.

Highly effective women leaders are seven times more likely to be found in organizations where executives creatively work to retain women, and Linkage’s in-person AWL Academy allows organizations to meaningfully engage women in leadership development.

Through strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, case studies and meaningful connections with other women leaders, the AWL Academy develops the leadership strengths of your women leaders, while creating a direct business impact.

The AWL Academy is a leadership development course designed for women leaders, from manager to executive level, who aspire to greater leadership opportunities.

Women have become disillusioned about equal access as they move up the pipeline. Now is the time to bring expert-led and fully facilitated in-person programming to your organization.

What’s Included

An Innovative Approach

Based on the best practices in Linkage’s book In Her Own Voice: A Woman’s Rise to CEO (Matt Holt, 2023), each of the modules in the program addresses one of the seven hurdles women face in the workplace.

Module 1 Intro to the 7 Hurdles to Advancement and Debriefing Your Assessment

Examine the business case for women in leadership and begin to explore the Inner Critic and the seven hurdles facing women in the workplace—as well as the competencies needed to overcome them, through a debrief of your AWL 360° Assessment.

Module 2 Bias: Letting Go of the Beliefs Holding Us Back

Evaluate the effects of implicit bias on the advancement of women and analyze the biases keeping women leaders from advancing. Experience a guided exploration of internalized biases holding you back and keeping you from empowering and inspiring others.

Module 3 Clarity: What Do You Want?

Take a deep look at your calling, values, and dreams—and begin to create the workspace needed to allow you to become the leader you want to be. Analyze and begin to apply the importance of reflection and mindfulness.

Module 4 Proving Your Value: Move Beyond Self-Reliance

Shift from “doing it all” to influencing, inspiring, and equipping others for success, and begin to apply best practices to publicize your value as a leader and multiplier.

Module 5 Recognized Confidence: Risk It – The Art of Being Bold

Confront the global gender gap in confidence and develop an Experience Map based on your personal experience as a leader. You will also begin work on your Individual Growth Plan, which will empower you to identify how to take risks and move outside your comfort zone.

Module 6 Branding and Presence: Claim Your Unique Superpowers

Learn how to “show up” in a way that both furthers your goals and brings value to your organization. Dive into the results of your AWL 360º Assessment to examine your own organization and identify how you can best demonstrate that you belong at the leadership level.

Module 7 Making the Ask: Advocating for What You Want

Learn to advocate for yourself by analyzing the external and internal biases holding you back in the workplace. Learn the four steps to Making the Ask, and practice negotiation conversations that build trust–and achieve positive outcomes.

Module 8 Networking: Building & Leveraging Relationships

Analyze and apply the best practices needed to network effectively and with purpose, an especially critical skill for women leaders looking to advance.

Module 9 Putting Your Growth Plan into Action

Dive into the most pressing issues facing women leaders in the workplace, applying the knowledge you learned over the course of the Academy to outline challenges and create a plan for action and growth. Conclude the program by putting your Individual Growth Plan into action.

Optional Add-On World Café

Hear directly from women leaders in your organization during a meet-up hosted in the lunch hour or evening and gain key insights from someone who has walked your own path.

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Development That Pays Off

Since being nominated to this program and getting promoted, I have made an intentional effort to give back. I try to help people in the organization, whether they are part of the program or not. Lenovo invested in me, for which I am grateful, and I owe it back to the company.

Vivian Young

Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo

This is by far the best professional development program I’ve been involved in.

Pat King

Consultant Manager, TEKsystems

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Multiply Your Impact

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