May 17, 2017

Make Your Brain Your Ally: Using Neuroscience for Calm, Clear Leadership

Retrain your brain to navigate stress and complicated leadership situations.

How you do react to stressful situations or colleagues? This recording will give you the foundation to think and communicate calmly and clearly.

An effective leader needs to think and communicate calmly and clearly—even when under tremendous stress. When a situation or a colleague stresses us out, we often lose composure and strategic impact by reacting in non-productive ways. So, how can we get calm, clear-headed, and regain our leadership footing?

Drawing on neuroscience research, former Linkage affiliate leadership coach and consultant Deb Elbaum teaches us how to retrain our brains to navigate stress and complicated leadership situations.

With this recording, you will gain the foundation needed to:

  • Understand how stress affects our thinking and our ability to lead effectively
  • Apply neuroplasticity and neuroscience concepts to help us build new behavior patterns to anticipate, address, and alleviate stress
  • Create an actionable plan to reframe, regroup, and respond when stressful moments do occur

By paying attention to our ingrained habits of thinking and using new strategies to shift our mindset and behavior patterns, we can increase our external impact and interpersonal effectiveness to show up as the leaders we strive to be.

Your Host

Deb Elbaum

Deb Elbaum