Jul 20, 2022

Originally Presented by Paradigm for Parity

Webinar Recording: Three Keys to Unlocking the Impact of Executive Sponsorship

Hosted by Linkage and Paradigm for Parity

Originally broadcast in July 2022.

How can we support women of all races, culture, orientations and backgrounds on their journey to the senior leadership ranks? Join Paradigm for Parity and Linkage for a free webinar on the importance of Executive Sponsorship.

During this pre-recorded webinar, we will share how to better understand the state of women in the workforce, the critical role that executives play in creating successful sponsorship initiatives and share practical advice for how leaders can effectively step into the role of sponsee in order to get the maximum benefit to supercharge their careers.


  • Sandra Quince, CEO of Paradigm for Parity
  • Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer at Linkage

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain access to the latest data on women in the workplace and understand the impact COVID-19 and other factors are having on talent systems and retention
  • Learn how organizations benefit from implementing a formalized executive sponsorship strategy – and learn how individual leaders can make the most of their executive sponsorship experience
  • Hear a live Q&A featuring questions and insights from organizational leaders building and refining their strategies to advance women leaders and members of other underrepresented groups
  • Discover next steps for bringing Executive Sponsorship to your organization


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