May 14, 2020

Webinar Recording: Coaching for Success

with Linkage's Susie Kelleher and Paula Butte

Susie Kelleher

Former Vice President of Consulting | Inclusion and Advancing Women Leaders Practice Leader

Linkage’s Critical Leadership Conversations Series


You need a coach and your team needs you to be their coach. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for us to take time for ourselves—to recover, rejuvenate, and refocus. The game is changing for leaders in organizations today, and many do not have a coach to help them lead through this extraordinary time. Coaching can empower you—accelerating you on your path to success during this uncertain time—helping you become more self-aware, find clarity of purpose, and commit to courageous action.


Join two of Linkage’s expert Executive Coaches with over four decades of leadership and coaching experience to learn a practical and easy-to-apply approach coaching methodology you can apply for yourself and with your team starting today.

In This Pre-Recorded Session, You Will Learn How To:

  • Lead powerful, impactful coaching conversations with a practical model
  • Effectively coach to drive increased engagement and connection
  • Leverage the benefits of coaching to accelerate your career path

Your Host

Susie Kelleher

Former Vice President of Consulting | Inclusion and Advancing Women Leaders Practice Leader

As the former Vice President of Consulting, Susie oversaw the delivery of the Linkage suite of products and coaching by Linkage consultants and affiliate partners. She worked cross-functionally with the leaders and teams in Sales, Marketing, Product, Client Engagement and Operations, as they strive to create and deliver products that drive purposeful and lasting leadership impact. As the former leader for both Linkage’s Inclusion and Advancing Women Leaders practice, she played a key role in ensuring these practices are continually evolving based on new research and learnings from the client-facing experience. She also ensured the delivery of these experiences were of the highest quality and relevance for our clients. Susie has almost 30 years of experience with a unique and diverse background. She has been a healthcare provider, a sales consultant, a leader of people and a coach and consultant working globally with organizations, teams, individuals and groups.