Jul 14, 2022

Webinar Recording: Building a Diverse Leadership Pipeline for the Future

Best Practices from Lenovo

The broad-reaching impacts of the global health pandemic and racial injustice have put a spotlight on the need for more inclusive, purposeful leaders. The reality is that organizations need leaders capable of adapting to today’s fast-changing, complex and unpredictable environment.

Also consider this: The pandemic has disproportionately impacted diverse and underrepresented populations—one in nine Black or Latina women are unemployed* and there are significant drop-off rates for women and women of color in the leadership ranks.

Investing in diverse talent has never been more critical to retaining and building the workforce of the future—and in effecting positive change on employee engagement, revenue and profit growth.

Join us for an insider’s look at how Lenovo, a Fortune 200 technology company with more than 70,000 employees globally, shifted their in-person leadership development programming designed for underrepresented populations to a digital learning journey. You’ll also learn about the key critical success factors driving retention and promotion rates, and how these efforts are supporting the company’s broader goal to increase executive-level representation of women to 27% and underrepresented populations to 35% by 2025.

Tune into this previously broadcast webinar to hear from Linkage CEO Jennifer McCollum as she hosts a conversation with Calvin Crosslin, Chief Diversity Officer, Lenovo; President, Lenovo Foundation; VP, Lenovo Human Resources and Flavia Moreira, Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Lenovo.

Who should tune into this pre-recorded webinar?
  • Organizational leaders, including HR, LD and DEI experts, who are focused on improving their engagement and development of underrepresented groups
  • Executives who are champions for the advancement of diverse talent at their organization and in their community


*Stanford: COVID has worsened gender disparities, especially for women of color

In this webinar recording, you will:

  • Hear the latest data trends impacting diverse and underrepresented groups in today’s workforce and the role of inclusion in driving effective, purposeful leadership
  • Get an insider’s look at how Lenovo pivoted their leadership development programming during the pandemic to continue to invest in their top talent
  • Dive into the key success factors of Lenovo’s DEI strategy, including selection process, program design, executive sponsorship and the “pay it forward” learning culture that has emerged
  • Learn how the DEI office at Lenovo is benchmarking their success as they share data on the talent retention and promotion rates that have resulted from their focus on underrepresented populations