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3-Module Online Workshop: Purposeful Leadership®
360° Assessment Certification

Learn to administer one of the industry’s most powerful, research-based 360° assessment tools through convenient online certification.

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​Insights from coaching are often the key to helping a leader create impact—as long as that coach has the right tools at hand.

At Linkage, we provide the tools that empower coaches to uncover insights and build self-awareness with leaders. Among these tools is the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, which is designed around the five core commitments Purposeful Leaders make to their stakeholders; Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become.

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment Certification puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to administering this powerful, research-based tool with your coachees. This online certification is designed to equip you with knowledge of Linkage’s research on Purposeful Leaders and enables you to debrief the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment with leaders who turn to you for insights on how they can create lasting positive impact.

Coaches are certified for two years after completion of the certification, with re-certification training available from Linkage.

This program is designed for professional coaches with a background in executive or leadership coaching who have experience providing 360° results, which can include:

  • Talent development professionals seeking to empower their coachees with the foundational data needed to create substantive results
  • Talent development teams seeking to build internal proficiency with the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment and the Linkage process
  • Organizations looking to equip their in-house talent development professionals with the ability to debrief 360° assessments and leverage Linkage’s assessments on a broader scale

To be eligible to enroll, participants must have a strong understanding of coaching fundamentals and experience debriefing a 360° assessment.

Participants will:

  • Learn Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership® model, and the research behind it
  • Understand the impact of being purposeful as a leader
  • Learn how to talk to your coachees about the model and assessment
  • Discover how to unpack our proprietary report and the elements included in it
  • Become equipped with strategic ways to approach the debrief with your coachees, and questions to engage them in their own self-discovery
  • Learn how to position and leverage the 360° assessment with your coachees


Prework Prepare for the Course

Familiarize yourself with Linkage’s research related to Purposeful Leadership, including taking the Purposeful Leader Self-Assessment, and reading the Purposeful Leadership White Paper.

Module 1 Purposeful Leader Model Overview (1 hour)

Review Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Model, which includes the five commitments the most effective leaders make to themselves and their teams: Inspire, Innovate, Engage, Achieve and Become.

Module 2 Assessment Report Overview (1 hour)

Review the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment report to gain a full understanding of the metrics and data included in this research-backed diagnostic assessment tool.

Module 3 Coaching to the PLA: Debrief Strategies, Sales, and Process Overview (1 hour)

Before attending Webinar 3, you will conduct a practice debrief with a peer in your cohort, and take a brief quiz on the Purposeful Leadership Assessment. Then, you will dive into debrief strategies and a comprehensive review of the sales process to empower you to sell the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment to your coachees.

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