Aug 31 – Oct 23, 2020

VIRTUAL | $1,000 per person

Open Enrollment: Purposeful Leadership®
Digital Academy

Supercharge your leadership journey through a weekly leadership development academy, available 100% virtually.

To meet the challenge of uncertain and volatile times, leaders are expected to be motivated, focused, effective, and above all, able to support and elevate every member of their team to perform at their best.

Effective, purposeful leadership has never been more critical. Linkage’s research shows that Purposeful Leaders drive 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement.

Are you ready to supercharge your leadership journey at a critical time?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Digital Academy is a virtual learning experience designed to elevate your capabilities in the critical areas associated with effective leadership.

For the first time ever, this Digital Academy is available as an open-enrollment opportunity for individual leaders, giving you the opportunity to take control of your own leadership journey and gain the skills you need to become a truly effective leader. That means you can enroll now, unlock access to your Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, and then begin the course on August 31, 2020.

How does it work?

  • Before the course begins, complete your Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, which includes a self-assessment and insights from direct reports, co-workers, and your managers
  • Engage in self-paced, guided learning that includes videos, reflection, and online dialog with peers for three days of the week in our highly interactive digital platform to round out your leadership experience
  • Unpack what you learn each week and discuss and complete assignments with your dedicated small group meeting with 5-6 other leaders during a dedicated weekly group work time
  • Attend a weekly live webinar session led by an expert Linkage consultant, alongside the other leaders in the program


What’s Included:

  • Access to Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Digital Academy
  • 8 modules of online learning over eight weeks: August 31, 2020 — October 23, 2020
  • Insights from Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment
  • Highly interactive and reflective digital learning designed to drive results
  • Peer learning through group assignments and facilitation


Price: $1,295 Now available for $1,000!


Linkage research shows that there are five commitments Purposeful Leaders make to themselves, their teams and their organizations. These five commitments are the basis for Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Model and the curriculum in the Purposeful Leadership Digital Academy.

Module 1 Embracing Purposeful Leadership

Examine the commitments that Purposeful Leaders make to their teams and themselves, including the commitments, practices and skills needed to become a truly Purposeful Leader. Read and interpret your own Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment to identify areas of strength and opportunities for you as you continue your journey as a Purposeful Leader.

Module 2 Become Commitment

Discern your true leadership principles and purpose as a leader, clarify what motivates you (your Personal “Why”), and reflect on the dilemmas you’ve managed in the past and how they might be better informed by the Purposeful Leadership® model.

Module 3 Inspire Commitment

Develop and reflect on both an aspiration and detailed version of your desired future state as a leader, and practice ways of expressing your vision in a way that captivates and motivates your teams.

Module 4 Engage Commitment – Coaching

Be purposeful in how you engage your team and colleagues by building human connections that enable business success. Use coaching methods and tools to encourage employees’ full participation by asking for their contribution, making them feel valuable, and actively listening.

Module 5 Engage Commitment – Inclusion

Describe why inclusion needs to be a business imperative for all organizations. Identify ways to increase engagement and move toward inclusion by understanding bias and its impacts.

Module 6 Innovate Commitment

Identify the leadership dilemmas inherent to building a culture of innovation, and begin to uncover opportunities for innovation through purposeful shifts in mindset, perspective, systems and processes.

Module 7 Achieve Commitment

Create context for high performance through personal leadership principles, and begin to refine your coaching style for greater individual and team motivation. Use achievement tools to evaluate your team and create a plan to support and encourage future success.

Module 8 Leadership Team Challenge

Apply all five Purposeful Leadership Commitments during a leadership team challenge.