Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer (3-Day)

Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Enable talent development professionals at your organization to provide training focused on change and transition management.

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Jeff Duffield, Director, Program Management, Linkage

​Individuals are much more likely to support change when they are brought into the process and have a support system in place to help them cope with the change.

What’s better than an employee prepared for change? How about an entire staff that’s prepared for change and continues delivering great results without missing a beat?

One thing that remains constant in organizations today is change—change of structures and policies, change of personnel and changing business needs. It’s all too easy to focus on the logistics and overlook the personal side of things, but the personal, human side is a critical component to any change’s success.

Linkage’s Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer Program, offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates, is designed to ensure your full team’s readiness by developing an in-house resource certified to provide training and readiness services.

Perfect for human resource and organization development professionals, this three-day program certifies participants to deliver two skill-building workshops to internal staff as needed.

This workshop isn’t just about certifying internal resources; it’s about fostering an environment that supports employee growth, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Investment – $2,795.00

What You Get

  • Secure training certifications and 19/5 CPEs
  • Learn to lead individuals through strategic change initiatives
  • Develop coaching skills to help employees prepare for and cope with constant change and loss
  • Become part of an established network of Bridges Certified Trainers
  • Have the opportunity to reconnect with ongoing education via quarterly webinars focused on transition topics
  • Receive access to order training delivery materials online


This program is based on the highly acclaimed William Bridges Associates’ Three-Phase Transition Model, which includes a proven framework and series of tools for successfully embracing and fostering the human side of change:

Day 1 Managing Organizational Transition

Learn to lead people through transition with fewer disruptions and sustained productivity.

Day 2 Individual Transition in Organizations

Teach individuals how to manage a change-induced internal transition, avoiding disruption to their lives as well as personal distress.

Day 3 Preparing for Action

Participate in teach-backs for both Managing Organizational Transition and Individual Transition in Organizations, and discuss how you will implement these programs at your own organization.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

This may not have been necessary 20 years ago, but I think transition management has to be a regular part of any company’s leadership training program.

Terri Hughes

Director of Organizational Change, Albertsons

Multiply Your Impact

Looking to build a comprehensive program for navigating change and transition at your organization? Explore our research-backed solutions offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates.

Managing Organizational Transition
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Our Managing Organizational Transition program provides managers with the knowledge and skills to lead and coach people through change and transition, resulting in less disruption and increased productivity. 
Individual Transition in Organizations
Offered in partnership with William Bridges Associates. Our half-day Individual Transition in Organizations program is designed to teach individuals from your organization how to handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress, manage endings successfully, deal more effectively with constant change, and re-think their work lives to make them less vulnerable to workplace changes.​