Dec 13 – 20, 2022

Open Enrollment: December 13, 15 & 20

Advancing Women Leaders Game Changer Negotiation Workshop

3, 2-Hour Live Webinar Sessions for Women Leaders

A Virtual Negotiation Program Designed by and for Women Leaders

Women leaders negotiate every day—and as we rise to the challenge of living and leading during a time of great uncertainty, the stakes of these negotiations are higher than ever before.

We negotiate on behalf of our teams and organizations, and on behalf of ourselves—choosing how we spend our time, energy and effort. Every woman leader needs a framework they can apply to any negotiation.

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders: Game Changer Negotiation Workshop is designed to equip women leaders with the insights, knowledge and real-world tactics they need to successfully negotiate in a changing and uncertain world.

This open-enrollment workshop is available 100% virtually and includes three, 2-hour facilitated sessions on December 13, 15 and 20, 2022. Enrolling now! $1,200 per learner.

The program is based on decades of best practices and research from former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, who made a career negotiating deals in a highly competitive environment. Her approach to negotiating can be learned, practiced and applied in any business, regardless of your industry, experience or title.

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Why participate in this program?

86% of people want to learn how to negotiate more effectively, but 55% say any negotiation skills they have are self-taught (Molly Fletcher). Imagine what you could accomplish if you had a framework you could apply to any negotiation.

Women leaders need to be skilled negotiators—and they need to be relational in their approach, not transactional, to be truly effective. It’s time to leave the anxiety and apprehension around negotiation behind. Women leaders in attendance will be empowered through hands-on learning experiences, interactive role-play, and real-life tactics.

You will experience the impact: You’ll close more deals, do it more efficiently, and build and support the relationships you need to thrive. The “other party” will become your network and friends, allowing you to break through in new and exciting ways. And, your ability to negotiate isn’t limited to your professional life—you will also unlock new freedoms and skills in your personal life.

Who is this program for?

  • Women leaders of all levels looking to take the next step in their leadership journey by mastering a results-focused negotiation framework
  • Organizational leaders, including HR, talent development and DE&I professionals, looking to experience the framework and get a glimpse of the program for their leaders

How it works

Before attending the first session, you will complete your prework assignment where you will watch a few short videos to begin learning about negotiations and common hurdles women face, and begin to reflect on past and future negotiations. From there, you will attend each of the three, 2-hour sessions. The first session begins with an overview of the common hurdles that women face in the workplace and how they relate to negotiations. Next, you will learn how to “Set the Stage” for your negotiation and get yourself prepared before starting to negotiate with the other party.

For session 2, you will learn how to find common ground with the party you are negotiating with and work through a framework that will help you make a clear and confident ask for what you want. Session 3 will be the completion of the program where you will learn some tips and techniques to ensure you get to the best possible outcome in your negotiation​. Finally, as most adults learn best by doing, we finish by giving you ample time to practice everything you learned.

All sessions are led by a Linkage expert and include videos from Molly Fletcher, where she provides her expert advice on each topic. The class will work through a case study with the facilitator to learn how to use the tools and techniques, and then apply those learnings to an upcoming negotiation of their own within small breakout groups of other women leaders in the program.

What’s Included

  • Program Kickoff to welcome participants, orient them to the material and program cadence, and begin fostering belonging among participants
  • Three, 2-hour live sessions facilitated by an expert Linkage consultant on December 13, 15 & 20
  • Participant Playbook designed to help you make the most of the program

Meet the Expert

Shannon Bayer

Vice President, Revenue & Principal Consultant, Linkage, a SHRM Company

Shannon Bayer, JD, is the Vice President of Revenue at Linkage, a SHRM company. In this role, she oversees the team responsible for selling Linkage’s comprehensive suite of leadership development solutions. She partners closely with her team to foster and grow client relationships that are focused on creating the optimal solution for each organization based on their talent development goals.

Shannon also serves in a client-facing capacity as Principal Consultant, where she brings 10+ years of facilitation experience. She is highly regarded as a top-notch facilitator who is ready to respectfully challenge the status quo and take leaders to the next level. Shannon brings an in-depth expertise and a passion for designing and implementing programs focused on advancing women in leadership—and empowering each leader with the knowledge they need to transform how they show up in their role and drive change in their organization.

Participants will:

  • Understand the role of the Inner Critic and the importance of moving to Compassionate Center to negotiate successfully
  • Recognize the importance of negotiating and the common hurdles women face in negotiations
  • Leverage best-in-class negotiation tools to overcome the hurdles and craft a successful negotiation
  • Experience negotiating with peers using the Game Changer process, tools and models

An Engaging Lesson Plan

The Game Changer Negotiation workshop delivers a powerful agenda of content designed to inspire high engagement and drive results for women in attendance.

PREWORK ~30 minutes

Participants begin to immerse themselves in the realm of negotiations and review the common hurdles that women leaders face. Participants also reflect on their own experience in negotiations to solidify examples that they will utilize throughout the program.

Session 1 December 13, 2022 1–3 PM ET

  • Recognize the Hurdles for Women in Negotiations: Negotiations are successful only when you know what you want. Starting with managing your Inner Critic—that voice in your head that causes you to be judgmental of yourself and others—you will explore the underlying hurdles that can hinder your performance in negotiating.
  • Set the Stage: Once we know more about ourselves, we can use the Perspective Awareness Model to explore the perspectives that others come to the negotiation with. You will also receive hands-on experience using scenario-based case studies and real-world application.

Session 2 December 15, 2022 1–3 PM ET

  • Find Common Ground: One of the best ways to ensure a successful negotiation is to invest in the development of a trusting relationship with the person on the other side of the negotiation. Leveraging the Discovery Model, learn how to ask questions that help you discover what’s important to the other person. Think about what you bring to the table and the specific value-adds you can offer to enhance the relationship.
  • Make the Ask: Asking with confidence is the third key to being a successful negotiator. The EWOC tool (Everything, Want, Options, Concede) creates a clear plan for a precise ask based on everything you know. This leads you to the best possible outcome and techniques on how to achieve this desired state.

Session 3 December 20, 2022 1–3 PM ET

  • The Best Possible Outcome: Participants learn strategies to help them achieve the best possible outcome. These expert tips include how to time making an ask, how to use curiosity to overcome disconnects, how to deal with difficult people, and knowing when to walk away.
  • Negotiations as a Practiced Skill: The last module is all about practice! Participants will practice negotiating in small groups through role-plays and provide feedback to one another. In the end, participants will reflect on how they did and how they will apply what they learned to their role as a leader.

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