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Working with a Mindset of Inclusion Virtual Sessions - For Leaders

Empower your leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead across difference through convenient online learning.


Diversity is a reality, but inclusion is a choice—and the ability to lead inclusively is critical to driving effective leadership.

Are you equipping employees and leaders at your organization with the tools, insights and knowledge they need to create cultures of inclusion?

Linkage’s Working with a Mindset of Inclusion Virtual Sessions for Leaders is a three-module virtual learning experience that empowers leaders to create and foster cultures of inclusion.

Participants will examine their organizations, teams, and themselves and begin to identify how they can address (and mitigate) bias when they encounter it.

And, because this learning experience is delivered virtually, learners are able to complete this course from anywhere on the globe with minimal time away from the workplace.

Create a cultural change at your organization by equipping leaders or employees with tangible and actionable best practices related to inclusion and diversity.

The Virtual Sessions are a great fit for new and mid-level managers who are looking to increase their ability to contribute to an inclusive workplace culture.

Looking for a program for your senior leaders?

Learn more about Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Senior Leaders, offered in-person or virtually.

Workshop participants will

  • Understand how bias affects the workplace, leading to lack of engagement and poor business results
  • Learn how to identify, address and ultimately mitigate the effects of bias in the workplace
  • Gain real-world best practices to allow them to create and foster cultures of inclusion

An Innovative Approach

​Reach your dispersed workforce through virtual learning specially designed to enable learners to experience inclusion training with minimal interruption to their work schedules.

This program is a great fit for new and mid-level managers.

Session 1 Unconscious Bias (90 minutes)

We tend to look at the world and those around us through our own lenses, influenced by geography, upbringing, education, and many other factors. This bias, both conscious and unconscious, impacts employee engagement, attrition, and the bottom line.

In this session, participants will

  • Learn how biases are formed
  • Explore how their own conscious and unconscious biases affect behavior—and ultimately hinder business outcomes
  • Understand the impact of privilege and bias on career advancement
  • Identify the role of micro-inequities in the experience of bias

Session 2 Mitigating Bias (90 minutes)

Discover the important steps all leaders can take to mitigate the effects of unconscious biases in the workplace.

In this session, participants will

  • Describe and implement methods of mitigating bias

Session 3 Leading Inclusively (90 minutes)

Good intentions and thoughtful decisions don’t always lead to fair and inclusive outcomes. During this session, participants will begin to unpack their responsibility to create cultures of inclusion and identify actionable ways to make cultures of inclusion a reality.

In this session, participants will

  • Learn to recognize the responsibilities of leaders to overcome individual and organizational bias
  • Reframe people-related leadership decisions as opportunities for inclusion
  • Practice strategies and tools for inclusive leadership

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I just finished a 3-part series and can honestly say that I am walking away feeling educated and energized to continue to improve my ability to develop and mentor with equity.

Joseph Simonetta

Senior Director Warehouse Operations at NFI

Multiply Your Impact

Looking for more ways to advance cultures of inclusion at your organization? Pair the Working with a Mindset of Inclusion Virtual Sessions for Leaders with additional leadership development tools and programming to scale your strategy to build inclusive leaders.

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