Redesigning Inclusion

Superpowers & Symphony: Workforce Essentials

A self-paced, digital learning program designed to accomplish thisequipping your employees with key tools, a better understanding and a new language around inclusion.

An engaging, self-paced diversity and inclusion workforce program.

How do we get everyone in the organization to commit to inclusion?

It’s time to create a new movement based on human connection and organizational unity, where everyone’s uniqueness is recognized and cultivated as Superpowers and everyone can contribute at the highest levels.

Linkage’s Superpowers & Symphony Workforce Essentials is a self-paced, digital learning program designed to accomplish thisequipping your employees with key tools, a better understanding and a new language around inclusion. Participants will develop a greater understanding of their own unique skills and the ability to appreciate the uniqueness in others, as well as learn how to connect all of this to play a role in creating greater organizational symphony.

Presented in partnership with Oshoke Abalu and aligned with the Redesigning Inclusion: Superpowers & Symphony solution, this program provides learners with the necessary motivation and tools to have a role in creating a more inclusive organization where everyone contributes their uniqueness as Superpowers and is part of an organizational Symphony.

Diversity and Inclusion are top of mind for employees today80% of employees say it is extremely important that their organization is inclusive.

Easy to deploy to a large workforce, the program is an innovative way of inspiring action and commitment to inclusion through focusing on the skills and concepts that Linkage’s research shows are proven to work.

Participants work through the content at their own pace—reading articles, taking quizzes and watching videos, while taking time for guided self-reflection exercises. Linkage’s flexible format allows you to deploy the content to best fit your organization’s needs and is mobile responsiveallowing participants to digest the content on the device of their choosing.

The digital learning platform’s reporting capabilities allow you to track participant progress throughout their journey. We also equip you with a playbook to help you scale the program across the organization, providing optional activities (facilitated discussions, peer groups, etc.) that can help you make an even greater organizational impact.

This program is designed for a broad population of employees at an organization, and is primarily focused on staff without management responsibility who are knowledge workers and have access to a computer.

What’s Included:

  • ~6 hours of self-paced digital content hosted on the Linkage digital platform
  • Implementation support designed to help you effectively facilitate to your audience of 50 or 5,000
  • Implementation guide with best practices for rolling out within your organization, including optional discussion exercises that can be used as part of a larger program


Participants Will:

  • Gain new insight on their Superpowers and learn a new language of inclusion redesigned, that is shared across the organization
  • Understand what Superpowers & Symphony is and the benefits to them personally and professionally
  • Know where they are in terms of contributing to organizational Symphony and identify what they need to do to help further Symphony at their organization
  • Learn new tools, techniques, practices and models to have more effective conversations and to discover their Superpowers and those of others in the workplace
  • Make a commitment to themselves for making the vision of Symphony a reality through their actions, behaviors and thinking 


Ready to get a glimpse of the Superpowers and Symphony: Workforce Essentials program?


Reach your dispersed workforce through virtual learning specially designed to enable learners to experience inclusion training with minimal interruption to their work schedules.

Module 1 Re-Language: Superpowers & Symphony (90 Minutes)

Participants are introduced to the concepts of Superpowers & Symphony (S&S) and begin to appreciate the benefit of inclusion to themselves personally and professionally, as well as to their organization. They will explore how to commit to a new way of thinking about diversity.

Learning outcomes:

  • There’s a new story to tell: Participants see S&S as a useful and wanted outcome for their organization. This includes the Business case. Participants envision their role in creating the reality and the vision.
  • Participants see that S&S is an invitation to everyonethey are responsible for participating in a system where everyone belongs.
  • Participants appreciate the importance of trust in the creation of S&S. 
  • Participants learn about the place of Compassionate Center in the creation of S&S. 
  • Participants learn that this new way of being is the result of everyone feeling unique (Superpowers) and that they belong (Symphony). 

Module 2 Re-Language: The Four R’s (45 Minutes)

In this session, participants are introduced to the four RsRe-Language, Re-Calibrate, Re-Focus and Re-Uniteas the organizing principle of their learning experience. They will also experience a guided reflection on what Superpowers & Symphony means to them.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants are introduced to “the four Rs” of Superpowers & Symphony: Re-Language, Re-Calibrate, Re-Focus and Re-Unite. 
  • Participants begin to craft their personal vision or story for how they will contribute to Superpowers & Symphony.

Module 3 Re-Calibrate (75 Minutes)

Each person can contribute to Superpowers & Symphony, and in this session, learners are given the knowledge and tools they need to identify what they can personally do to bring Symphony about at their organizations. In this session, we will explore the concept of “bias” as a barrier to creating true inclusion. Participants will make use of assessments and tools for engaging their peers in this critical conversation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants learn the barriers to Superpowers, which include stereotyping, bias (and its manifestations in microaggressions, etc.), and privilege.
  • Participants become aware of the dissonance that may arise from difference.
  • Participants identify their own Superpowers.
  • Participants use the Superpowers in My World Tool to identify others they have been excluding and to identify what the barriers might be.
  • Participants continue to craft their personal vision.

Module 4 Re-Focus: SEE  (60 Minutes)

In this session, participants learn how to communicate inclusively using the SEE model, which empowers them to nurture their own Superpowersand the Superpowers of their peers. They explore techniques, tools, practices and models that enable them to both discover and enhance their Superpowers and those of others in the workplace.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants learn how to use the Communication Model SEE: STOP, EXPLORE, EMPOWER to recognize and cultivate their own Superpowers and the Superpowers of others in their organization.
  • Participants explore ways to Stop and build trust and relationship currencythrough Compassionate Center and seeing everyone as equal and worthy.
  • Participants learn the skills that will help them Explore and Focus on Superpowers: Ask (Questioning), Listen (Restating, empathy, etc.) and Share (advocate, presence).
  • Participants learn to use the Explore tools and other tools to Empower and Focus on creating Symphony: Micro-affirmations, recognizing others’ Superpowers.
  • Participants use the SEE model to engage in productive conversations with others, particularly people who are different.

Module 5 Re-Focus: Meet (45 Minutes)

In this session, participants learn how to use the communication skills of the “SEE” model to participate in and lead meetings where all employees contributeand innovation, creativity and progress are nurtured.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants learn the central importance of meetings that focus on Superpowers & Symphony in achieving business success.
  • Participants learn the importance of presence and participation at meetings.
  • Participants learn how to use the SEE model to be more inclusive during meetings, whether as meeting leader or participant.
  • Participants continue to craft their personal vision.

Module 6 Re-Unite (45 Minutes)

Participants commit to making the vision of Superpowers & Symphony a reality through their actions, behaviors and thinking.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants identify how their own Superpowers contribute to the overall Symphony of the organization. 
  • Participants increase willingness to engage productively and respectively when working with others, appreciating difference and focusing on connection. 
  • Participants finish crafting their own personal vision and create an action plan.

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