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A new digital leadership development experience, offered in a convenient virtual format.

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic increases, expectations have never been higher of our teams and leaders.

To meet the challenge of uncertain and volatile times, leaders are expected to be motivated, focused, effective, and above all, able to support and elevate every member of their team to perform at their best.

Effective, purposeful leadership has never been more critical. Linkage’s research shows that companies that develop purposeful leaders enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement.

Are you equipping your leaders with the instruction and support they need to be truly effective during this critical time?

Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Acceleration Package is a brand-new offering designed to allow leaders to ascend to new heights as they navigate and lead during a global health and economic crisis. This new offering combines the very best of leadership development experiences and makes all of them available in a 100% virtual format. This package includes Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Essentials, the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment With Inclusion Scale, and One-on-One Coaching.

We have identified the elements that are most impactful when readying leaders for greater responsibility and increased challenges. These elements include an interactive online learning experience and one-on-one coaching sessions, all backed by the personalized insights from a 360° assessment.

This learning experience is designed for cohorts of leaders at organizations looking to prepare their leaders for greater responsibility and mitigate the risk of change and transition by empowering leaders to lead teams more effectively.

What’s included

  • Access to Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Essentials for your cohort of leaders, which includes 7 modules of self-paced digital learning
  • Personalized insights for each participating leader from Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment With Inclusion Scale; Includes insights into the leader’s overall and relative performance on each commitment, the practices that make up each commitment, and the related leadership skills
  • One-on-One Coaching with an expert executive coach for each participating leader, available 100% virtually (3 sessions / 1 hour per session)



  • $2,900 per learner


A brand-new virtual offering from Linkage, designed to equip groups of leaders with the practices, knowledge, and support they need to ascend to new leadership heights as they work to rise to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Self-Paced Digital Learning Through the Purposeful Leadership Essentials

Participating leaders will experience Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership Essentials, a self-led digital  learning experience which includes 7 modules of online learning  Participants work through the content at their own pace—reading articles, taking quizzes, and watching videos, while taking time for self-reflection and goal setting.

Linkage’s flexible format allows you to deploy the content to best fit the user experience and your organization’s needs. We equip you with a guide to help you understand how to involve managers and when and if you should bring participants together in collaboration, as well as a suggested timeline for course completion. You can measure and monitor progress through a comprehensive reporting section that allows you to access important metrics about participant involvement and performance.

Personalized Insights from the Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment With Inclusion Scale

Participating leaders gain access to critical insights into their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity. Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment With Inclusion Scale measures an individual leader’s effectiveness and inclusiveness across the five core commitments that all leaders make to their stakeholders: Inspire, Engage, Innovate, Achieve and Become. Leaders are also given personalized insights related to inclusive leadership and practices, giving them key insight into their ability to lead effectively across difference.

Customized Guidance through One-on-One Coaching with an Expert Executive Coach

Participating leaders are given the invaluable opportunity to unpack the learning, debrief their assessment results, and begin to build a custom leadership growth plan through private, one-on-one coaching sessions with an executive coach. This guided reflective time allows leaders to begin to apply the insights they gained as part of a cohort to their individual roles and teams.

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