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Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives Virtual Sessions

Empower executives to model inclusion and foster cultures of inclusion and is available in a 100% virtual format.

Although most organizations have initiatives to improve inclusion, most leaders do not believe they have a clear guidebook for how to make their organizations more inclusive.

Linkage’s research identifies a primary driver of inclusion: the actions of executive leaders. When executives prioritize, model, and communicate the importance of inclusion, organizations change.

Are you equipping executives who are dispersed or working from home with the virtual inclusive leadership development they need at this critical time?

Linkage’s Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives Virtual Sessions empowers executives to model inclusion and foster cultures of inclusion and is available in a 100% virtual format.

This is expert, instructor-led programming specifically designed for the virtual format, allowing executives in attendance to access the latest in inclusive leadership development from wherever they are located.

Participants test and reflect on their own unconscious biases through discussion and research investigation. Leveraging in-class experiences and post-session applications, participants learn methods to reframe thinking and behaviors that will allow them to lead the transition, individually and collectively, to a more inclusive culture.

Designed for executives of an organization who are looking to make inclusion a business imperative, gain real-world best practices and begin building inclusive cultures.

Looking for face-to-face instruction? Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives is available as a face-to-face workshop.

What’s Included:

  • 3, 3-hour virtual webinar session, led by an expert facilitator
  • 4, 1-hour preparation calls
  • Linkage’s Inclusion Playbook

An Innovative Approach

The Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives program brings expert instruction from inclusion and leadership development experts to your executive team in a convenient online format.

Session 1 Understanding Unconscious Bias: What You Don’t Know about What You Think You Know (3 Hours)

We tend to look at the world and those around us through our own lenses, influenced by geography, upbringing, education and many other factors. This bias, both conscious and unconscious, impacts employee engagement, attrition and the bottom line. To foster inclusion, leaders must first do a deep dive into the topic of unconscious bias and learn important steps to take to mitigate its effects.

In this session, participants will:

  • Understand the business case for inclusion and the research behind what the most effective leaders do
  • Explore and experience how their own conscious and unconscious biases affect behavior—and ultimately hinder business outcomes
  • Engage in courageous and transparent facilitated dialogue to deepen their learning and application

Session 2 Microaggressions, Belonging and Privilege: How Bias Shows Up Has Lasting and Detrimental Impact (3 Hours)

There are behaviors we all engage in—often unintentional or that we are unaware of—that leave others in our organizations feeling marginalized, invalidated or insulted. The work is around understanding what these behaviors are, what they look like and how to counteract them, and how to create a space instead where people feel safe, seen and valued. It is also important to identify and understand our own privileges and how these can help us in leading more inclusively.

In Session 2, participants will:

  • Uncover the power of encouraging both uniqueness and belonging to foster inclusion
  • Identify the role of micro-inequities in the creation of a biased organizational culture
  • Understand the impact of privilege on organizational favor and career advancement
  • Understand the challenges faced by those who experience racism, sexism and other manifestations of bias in their daily lives
  • Learn and apply a tool designed to discover how bias shows up in the organization and personal interactions
  • Create a Personal Blueprint for Change

Session 3 Leading Inclusively: Defining and Committing to a Strategy to Create a Culture of Inclusion (3 Hours)

Good intentions and thoughtful decisions don’t always lead to fair and inclusive outcomes. During this session, participants will begin to apply all previous learning and unpack their responsibility to create cultures of inclusion and identify actionable ways to make cultures of inclusion a reality.

In this final session, participants will engage in a facilitated strategy session to:

  • Review previous learning, application and outcomes
  • Commit to knowing the critical behaviors and mindsets that foster inclusion
  • Define the Ideal Inclusive Culture for their organization
  • Use the blueprint tool to identify the most important strategic levers in creating this new ideal culture
  • Define measurement milestones and commit to concrete actions
  • Agree on a process for continuing the learning, individually and as a team

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Multiply Your Impact

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