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Advancing Women Leaders Essentials

Designed for women leaders at your organization, this self-paced digital learning program drives results.

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Give Women Leaders at Your Organization Access to a Virtual and On-Demand Women’s Leadership Program


Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Essentials is a self-paced, digital learning program designed to equip women leaders at your organization with the skills and tools needed to advance.

Based on the research-backed Advancing Women Leaders model, this program is designed specifically to address the unique hurdles to advancement that women face in their careers, in a convenient online format. This innovative course is available on demand for each learner and can be experienced from anywhere with an internet connection.

Women leaders face stronger headwinds in their day-to-day experiences than men leaders, despite wanting to advance and be promoted as much as men at their level.* Now is the time to give women leaders at your organization access to the virtual, on-demand support they need.

Linkage’s flexible format allows you to deploy the content to best fit the user experience and your organization’s needs. We equip you with a guide to help you understand how to involve managers and when and if you should bring participants together in collaboration, as well as a suggested timeline for course completion. You can measure and monitor progress through a comprehensive reporting section that allows you to access important metrics about participant involvement and performance.

The Essentials program also contains an online Journal for reflection, a Growth Plan to be shared with the learner’s manager, and knowledge checks after each module to embed learning.

Advancing Women Leaders Essentials is an online leadership development program designed for high-potential and next-generation women leaders who have been identified for leadership development growth and future promotion opportunities.

Looking to experience on-demand leadership development for yourself?

Discover Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Essentials On-Demand, designed for individual learners looking to gain the actionable skills they need to thrive in critical times.

*McKinsey, 2022.

What’s Included

  • 8 modules, 16 hours of content, delivered as an asynchronous learning experience, allowing learners to consume content on demand
  • Advancing Women Leaders Self-Assessment


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Bring On-Demand Learning to Women Leaders at Your Organization.

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Pricing: $679 per learner

What you’ll immediately gain access to: 16 hours of leadership development, available to you in an easy to use digital platform + access to Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Self-Assessment

Grounded in Linkage’s 20 years of research in advancing women, this course addresses the unique obstacles women face as they advance.

Module 1 Advancing Women Leaders Foundations

Introduction to the concept of leadership and three foundational models: The AWL Competency Model, the 7 Hurdles and Mastering Your Inner Critic. Read and interpret your own Self-Assessment to identify areas of strength and opportunities for you as you continue your leadership journey.

Module 2 Bias

Begin to address both external Bias and internal Bias. Squarely look at what women are up against as leaders, focusing on the Double Bind that women leaders face: people accept a woman leader as likable or credible, but rarely both. Examine the cost of Bias to organizations. Finally, look within yourself and see if you have internalized the Bias against women.

Module 3 Clarity

Focus on three components of Clarity: Calling, Values and Dreams. Through a series of exercises, identify all three components in an effort to gain Clarity about who you are and what you want for yourself. Understand that Clarity is the result of constant work, look at the conditions for Clarity, and evaluate how you are spending your time. Are you spending your time in ways that achieve clear goals? Are you spending time ensuring that the conditions for Clarity are present? Clarity is the gateway to gliding over the remaining Hurdles.

Module 4 Proving Your Value

Take another look at perfectionism, noting that women often feel it is their responsibility to be perfect and in control. But perfection isn’t the job of leadership—the true job of a leader is in equipping and empowering others. Evaluate how much you “over-row the boat” in pursuit of perfection and control. Then, address how you can inspire others, discovering ways you yourself are inspired and exploring how you can reach and fully engage others.

Module 5 Recognized Confidence

Begin by thinking about the difference between worthiness, the value that is inherent in all human beings, and confidence, the belief that you are able to do things well. Confidence grows with action. Worthiness is always there. After exploring how the Inner Critic erodes confidence, look at the Confidence Gap in an article from The Atlantic magazine and pay attention to the Imposter Syndrome. You will then begin to create your Leadership Timeline, which will assist you in delineating the value you bring as a leader and the actions you can take to enhance that value.

Module 6 Branding & Presence

The Branding & Presence module does not address how women leaders dress and present themselves. Instead, it asks you to evaluate how your brand demonstrates how you fit into your organization and the unique value that you bring. It is by combining these two elements—belonging and uniqueness—that you can create a brand and a presence that will be valued by your organization. Take the space to reflect on whether you are “covering,” or hiding elements of your identity because of Bias. Consider whether or not the elements you are covering might be just what your brand and presence need to be valued. Conclude by creating and practicing an elevator speech that describes how you belong and how you are unique.

Module 7 Making the Ask

Women are typically known for being excellent negotiators when they are asking for what someone else wants. However, women face more difficulty when asking for themselves. This module begins with data on this disparity and the Bias underneath the data. After exploring the Bias and habits that keep women from asking for what they want, you will learn about various techniques and mindsets that will assist you in summoning up your courage and asking for: a job, money, an assignment, or a plum perk.

Module 8 Networking

Begin with a return to the tendency of women leaders to focus on perfection rather than relationships. While this serves you as an individual contributor, it is not useful for women leaders. Leaders get work done through others and with others. Relationships are key. Explore your relationships and identify what else you can do to build the relationships and trust that will help you advance. Finally, reflect on your learning from the complete AWL experience.

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